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DIII Algorithm Trouble

In the comments on our post about changing the ranking algorithm, Dan C. vented some frustrations about the bid allocation in the DIII division.

[quote]The completely computer generated algorithm has proven frustrating on the DIII level as well, especially with a general lack of non-region play in the Metro East and New England division. Do they deserve 3 bids a piece when hardly any of those teams have played outside their regions? I disagree. Looking at last years Nationals results the NE and ME region teams placed T-7th, T-9th, T-11, and T-13 where as NC and NW teams (who both faced more diverse competition throughout the season) placed 1st, 2nd, T-5th, T-5th, T-7th, and T-9th. I guess more than anything I’m a NC player who is disgruntled that the region is currently slated to receive just 1 bid when they have 3 very deserving teams in GOP, St. John’s, and St. Olaf (teams who have all played many non-regional games) while a two seemingly less deserving regions (in terms of non-regional play) in ME and NE are earning several bids a piece. Maybe similar results at Nationals this year will sway USA Ultimate to make changes to the bid allocation system. Here’s to hoping…[/quote]

  1. Charlie Eisenhood

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