Past Articles in College Championships

  1. Most-Watched Games Show College Ultimate’s Potential

    ESPN has been a presence at USAU events for the past four years. Photo: Brian Canniff — Last week, USA Ultimate announced the top 10…

  2. Your 2016 College Championships Team-By-Team Guide

    Everything you need to know.

  3. Instant Reaction: Nationals 2016 Seedings & Pools

    First impressions of the D-I College Championships pools for both divisions, hot off the presses!

  4. HB-2: From Talk To Action

    Finding a way to take action against HB2 at Nationals.

  5. 2016 D-I College Championships Qualifiers Thread

    The latest from College Regionals!

  6. USAU Announces Rainbow Discs, Other Anti-HB2 Efforts For College Championships

    Special edition game discs and merchandise sales will benefit Equality North Carolina Foundation.

  7. USAU Announces Final College Rankings, Bid Allocation

    Here's the final bid picture! Bring on the Series.

  8. Here Are The 2016 College Championships Logos

    Here are the 2016 USA Ultimate College Championships and DIII College Championships logos:

  9. USA Ultimate Releases Statement Opposing North Carolina Legislation

    The North Carolina state legislature building. USA Ultimate has released a statement opposing North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which blocks transgender people from using bathrooms…

  10. College Championships Wrap: Trap Games, Face Masks, & Jon NetherClone

    Photo: Alex Fraser — Ultiworld’s College Championships reporting crew each picked a topic and ran with it for this College Championships wrap up feature.…

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