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Past Articles in Tuesday Tips

  1. Tuesday Tips: Five Cross-Training Options for Ultimate’s Downtime

    Mix it up over the next few months.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Quick Tips for Dumps and Resets

    Make a plan for your resets.

  3. Tuesday Tips: Know Your Team’s Identity to Become a Better Leader

    Anyone can be a better leader by understanding the team's identity.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Ten Steps for Ultimate Players Trying to Learn to Play Disc Golf

    You can still play disc sports amidst social distancing rules.

  5. Tuesday Tips: Introducing Space Disc, A Socially Distanced Game

    Space Disc fundamentally removes the riskiest element of ultimate.

  6. Tuesday Tips: How to Safely Return to Training in the Gym or on the Field

    As restrictions on gyms and track access loosen, make sure you return safely.

  7. Tuesday Tips: Change Your Plate to Change Your Game

    Use your activity levels to guide what you eat.

  8. Tuesday Tips: Listen, Read, Learn, Act

    Resources and perspectives that may help in deciding what action is right for you.

  9. Tuesday Tips: How to Make the Best Ultimate Frisbee Memes

    Be funnier.

  10. Tuesday Tips: How to Have an Ultimate Practice by Yourself

    You can get better even without a throwing partner.

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