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Nicknames University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Zoodisc
Short Name UMass
Coaches Tiina Booth, Russel Wallack
Captains Ben (Londish) Sadok, Will (Will) Thornton, Brett (The Rock) Gramman

Recent Ranking

Massachusetts moved up to #1 (from #2) in our DI Men's Division Power Rankings on April 5th, 2017.

Recent Videos

  1. Pittsburgh v. Massachusetts (Final) Easterns 2017
  2. Massachusetts v. Oregon (Pool Play) Easterns 2017
  3. Massachusetts v. Colorado (Pool Play, M) Easterns 2016
  4. Massachusetts v. Pittsburgh (Semifinal, M) Stanford Invite 2016
  5. UMass v. Texas A&M (Final, M) Classic City Classic 2015

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