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USAU College D-I Women's Division

College D-I Women's Power Rankings:
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  1. Top 25 Players 2020: Club Women’s Division (Part 2: #11-25)

    Which player would you most want leading your team?

  2. Throw of the Month: UBC’s Jonah Lee Ash

    Putting the 'oo' in scoober!

  3. Decade’s Greatest: Memorable Individual Performances

    Some performances are so unforgettable that they remain vivid in spectators' memory long after they happen.

  4. Decade’s Greatest: Top 10 Callahan Videos

    Pat and Linsday rank the best Callahan videos of the decade.

  5. Decade’s Greatest: 10 Years of Callahan Videos

    The evolution of one of the sport's most honored traditions.

  6. Friction Gloves Catch of the Month: UC Santa Barbara’s Jasmine Childress

    The catch radius!

  7. Throw of the Month: Pittsburgh’s Annelise Peters

    Few players possess the power and precision!

  8. The College Postseason Simulation 2020: D-I Nationals Championship & Box Score (Women’s)

    Carleton and UNC are the final two, but only one can be champion.

  9. The College Postseason Simulation 2020: D-I Nationals Semifinals & Box Scores (Women’s)

    Are Carleton and North Carolina destined to meet in the final?

  10. 2020 College Women’s All-Season Highlights

    The best of the best!

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