Notre Dame Womb

Based in Notre Dame, Indiana
Nicknames Womb
Short Name Womb
Coaches Carol Li
Captains Colleen Scott, Meghan Cullen
Roster Announcement

We, ND Ultimate, pride ourselves in having closely-connected men's and women's teams. We do our best to support each other on the sidelines during our games in as loud and goofy a fashion as possible without compromising good spirit or competitive play. On the field we compete as men's and women's A and B teams, but elsewhere we are all just one team.

Recent Videos

  1. Dartmouth v. Notre Dame (Pool Play, W) 2017 D-I College National Championships
  2. Notre Dame v. Iowa State (Pool Play, W) Missouri Loves Company 2015
  3. Oregon v. Notre Dame (Pool Play, W) 2015 D-I College National Championships

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