Based in Blacksburg, VA
Nicknames Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Burn
Short Name VT
Captains Christian Gilbertson, Rhys Bergeron, Joe Novak
Roster Announcement
Postseason appearances
appearances Italic indicates team received a bye to Regionals.

“Hi, I’m #12 Virginia Tech, your official bandwagon team for 2017! Nice to meet you. I know it’s impolite to boast like this — especially since it’s the first time we’ve met — but let’s be honest, you’ve heard of me. I’m kind of a big deal. “Oh gee, where to start. I guess I’ll start with my roots, seems as good a place as any. I’m from the Atlantic Coast region, a hotbed for bandwagon teams. With those big shots UNC and WIlmington at the top of the region and a scrum of mid-level teams below them, it seems that every year people are asking if someone will get a third bid for the region. I guess the region’s ‘looking for a team to anoint’ environment really just breeds bandwagon teams. There’s nothing better than finding an underdog in a potentially bid-rich region to latch your hot take cred onto. “Why, remembering just the past few years I’m tickled by all the national hype that has been showered on so many of my fellow ACers. From my fratty but fun friend Maryland (which worked out!) to my stuffy neighbor Virginia (did not work out) to the guy who plays dubstep at 3am on a boombox outside my apartment (VCU of course; that definitely didn’t work out). And now it’s my turn to be the hot young so-and-so. How thrilling! “Not to puff myself up too much, but my success or failure in the regular season could have a big impact this year. A third bid going to the Atlantic Coast would tip some dominoes, probably taking one away from the Northeast or the Southwest, which would set up elimination games for Harvard/UMass and Stanford/Cal Poly SLO at Regionals, which would just be terrifically exciting. “I’m almost out of time here and I haven’t even said much about myself, just my natural aversion to braggadocios behavior I suppose. I guess I should give some explanation as to why I’m in the limelight for the moment. Well, for starters, Joe Freund plays for me. And like, have you seen him play? He’s very big and fast and can jump quite high. It’s all very impressive. Also, I came in second at CCC this fall. I’ve got my silver medal here inside my jacket and everything. It might not mean much when it comes to games in the spring, but it is certainly enough to get the folks at home chattering! “I have to move on now, many appointments and important events to attend to as the bandwagon team of the season. I’m sure you understand. I’ll see you around later this year, and who knows what state I’ll be in at that point! Maybe I’ll be another CCC burnout who turned hype into a disappointing season. Maybe I’ll earn that bid everyone keeps talking about and then choke it away at Regionals because of a total lack of experience in big games. Like I said, who knows. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. I’m visualizing more of a 2015 Auburn type thing, where I score a big upset at Regionals and then put together a performance at Nationals that can best be described as, ‘in attendance.’ One can dream. One sure can dream.”

Recent Ranking

Virginia Tech was ranked #21 in our DI Men's Division Power Rankings on December 15th, 2017.


Year League Region
Regular Season Postseason results Captains Coaches
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2016 USAU Midatlantic

11 6
  1. 3rd Place at Midatlantic Regionals
    [6-1 record]
  2. 5th Place at Sectionals
    [2-2 record]
Nicholas Giggimickle, Christian Gilbertson Amiel Bernal