George Mason University

Established 2011
Based in Fairfax, Virginia
Nicknames George Mason University, Extinction
Short Name GMU
Coaches Bryan Dombrowski, Sarah Burden
Captains Miranda Briseño, Alexis Robbins
Roster Announcement

George Mason University’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Throwasaurus, was established in 2011. Now known as Extinction (ca. 2015), the team has consistently grown and improved since its inception. Our team emphasizes the core value of Ultimate, Spirit of the Game, and instills the emphasis into anyone who chooses to become a part of our family. We simultaneously value the fun nature of ultimate as well the competitiveness various tournaments and teams bring us. We respect our opponents and use each of our opportunities to play as ways to improve and learn more about the game, ourselves, and our team.

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Year League Region
Regular Season Postseason results Captains Coaches
Wins Losses
2017 USAU Atlantic Coast
Sarah Burden, Emma Powers, Kara Touscany Bryan Dombrowski
2016 USAU Atlantic Coast
Shannon Pace, Sarah Burden, Emma Powers Bryan Dombrowski
2015 USAU Atlantic Coast Virginia
Sarah Ford, Shannon Pace, Sarah Burden Bryan Dombrowski