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UC Davis vs. UCSD | Women’s Semifinal

2022 President’s Day Invite
February 25, 2022
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PublishedFebruary 25, 2022
Duration35 minutes
Event2022 President’s Day Invite

#5 UC Davis Rogue's bracket pathway was tough, having to grind past #10 Colorado before finding #8 UC San Diego DCo in the semifinal. Rogue is one of the fresh new faces on the college scene, with star power (Jules Madigan), depth (Allyn Suzuki, Rani Shah), and great leadership, evidenced by their quarterfinals appearance at 2021 nationals. DCo has a completely revamped roster from their 2019 championship squad, but they've got the talent to make another run this year. Ava Hanna is a true shooter and her identical twin Lauren Hanna is developing into a top tier player in her own right.