The 15 Best Articles On Ultiworld In 2015

ultiworld-logo-shadow-200x200-newyearsOur year-in-review series continues with a hand-curated list of the best articles on Ultiworld this year. The pieces below reflect some of the stunning work of our wide range of contributors, from in-depth profiles to researched features to sharp analysis. In no particular order, here are the top 15 articles of 2015.

1. Understanding The Rankings: Do Underdogs Or Favorites Have An Advantage?

Scott Dunham created a new paradigm for understanding the USA Ultimate algorithm and its associated rankings.

2. On Winning, Losing, And Confidence: An Interview With Josh “Cricket” Markette

My interview with Ironside’s Josh Markette is perhaps the best interview we’ve ever published on Ultiworld. Markette’s raw honesty and open discussion of ultimate, life, and self-belief left an imprint on me and many readers.

3. The Forehand (Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

Kyle Weisbrod’s series on the forehand may not quite count as one article, but, in its totality, has to be considered one of the most important works on the site this year. It sets a baseline for any future analysis of the forehand throw in ultimate and draws from many resources to determine some best practices.

4. Playing The Long Game: How UNC’s Hidden Zones Yielded Big Results

Cody Mills was something of a guest reporter during our College Championships coverage, but wrote one of the best analytical narrative pieces of the year about UNC saving a set of zone defenses specifically to unleash them at Nationals.

5. An Oral History Of Double Game Point In The 2014 Ring v. Ironside Semifinal

I spoke to seven different people — players, coaches, and broadcasters — to put together an oral history of one of the most insane points in modern ultimate history. A must-read.

6. Give Her The Rock: Scandal’s Jenny Fey Sets Standard For Offensive Dominance

The most recent article on this list, Bobby Gough’s breakdown of Jenny Fey’s remarkable 2015 season with Scandal was a picture perfect use of video, stats, and prose to tell a story about a player.

7. Projecting The 2025 Ultimate Hall Of Fame

Ultimate historian Tony Leonardo contributed this monster article about which players should be in the Hall of Fame, which will be in the Hall of Fame in 10 years, and which might just get snubbed.

8. High Tide’s Mission Is To Grow Ultimate And Christianity Over Spring Break. Can It Do Both?

Simon Pollock looked deep into the core of the Spring Break dynasty High Tide to explore the potential conflict between the tournament’s proselytizing and promoting ultimate.

9. Basic Concepts Of Person Defense In 42 Seconds

Kyle Weisbrod’s defensive breakdown was the year’s most-read article for a reason: it’s really damn good.

10. Dylan Freechild And Give-And-Go Moves

Benyamin Elias analyzed Dylan Freechild’s unique offensive impact in this superb video analysis piece.

11. Defining Dylan Freechild: On Winning, Losing, And Leadership

Patrick Stegemoeller contributed another excellent piece on Dylan Freechild — this one closer to a personal profile, with a look at how his legacy will be written post-college.

12. Remember The Name Jaclyn Verzuh

Katie Raynolds sounded the bell back in February about the monumental high school star that would soon take over our computer and TV screens on the All-Star Ultimate Tour and with Seattle Riot. Verzuh is just getting started.

13. Nationals In Rockford Hold Extra Meaning For #1 Seed Franciscan Fatal

This short piece from Jesse Moskowitz tells a bittersweet story about the new DIII champion Franciscan Fatal and their memory of a fallen teammate.

14. Goodbye And See You Later: Oregon Claims National Championship In Burruss’ Final Season

Keith Raynor wrapped up coverage of the College Championships with this wonderful piece about Oregon winning another title in Lou Burruss’ final season as coach.

15. A Requiem For Sectionals

Tiina Booth wrote this look back on the fond memories of Sectionals past as the tournament continues to evolve towards a less inclusive affair.

  1. Charlie Eisenhood
    Charlie Eisenhood

    Charlie Eisenhood is the editor-in-chief of Ultiworld. You can reach him by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@ceisenhood).


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