10 Things You Need to Know About Greenbackr

Your team needs a little money to be its best, and Greenbackr is here to help!

Written by Todd Curran, founder of Savage.

Back in September, Savage launched Greenbackr, a new crowdfunding platform designed specifically for athletic teams. With this new offering, our goal is to make it easier than ever for teams to raise the money they need for uniforms, travel costs, and tournament fees. The reality is that you’ve got to pay to play most sports, but Savage wants to help make sure finances don’t hold anyone back from hitting the field. (Or court. Or sand. Or trampoline.)

Are you interested in using Greenbackr to raise funds for your team? Here are 10 things you need to know before getting started.

  1. Greenbackr is not like other crowdfunding platforms. Sure, we’ve got a lot of similarities to platforms like Indiegogo and Gofundme. But Greenbackr was designed specifically with athletes in mind. Case in point: the donor gifts (we call them Backr gifts) your team can offer as incentives come from a curated catalog of branded athletic gear and goods that show off your team’s logo.
  2. Savage takes care of fulfilling Backr gifts. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your donations and mailing out the appropriate gifts. When someone donates to your campaign, Savage will automatically create and ship their thank-you gift.
  3. Greenbackr makes it easy to snag sponsors. Another detail that sets us apart: you can choose to make sponsorship opportunities a part of your fundraising campaign, offering potential sponsors a straightforward way to sign up and donate a predetermined amount—simply for placing their logo on your jerseys. Mary Washington Mother of George’s sponsors chipped in $750 to their Greenbackr!
  4. Savage offers a no-fee option. Like most crowdfunding platforms, Greenbackr does charge a 7 percent fee to account for our work behind the scenes. But there is a no-fee option: if your team chooses to receive your funds as a Savage gift card as opposed to cash, you’ll receive the full amount of your funds raised.
  5. Greenbackr is all about transparency. We encourage teams to be upfront about what they plan to use the funds raised for so Backrs know where their money’s going. And we help provide tools to help explain who you are and what expenses you need to cover.
  6. Campaigns run for only seven days. You won’t see Greenbackr campaigns languishing for months at a time. To create a sense of urgency, we give teams one week to raise as much as they can. It’s up to you to promote the heck out of it.
  7. Savage is on your side. We want Greenbackr teams to hit their fundraising goals, so we will promote our featured teams on our social platforms, newsletters, and/or blog posts.
  8. Don’t reach your goal? You’ll still get your money. Whatever you are able to raise, you get to keep, minus Greenbackr’s handling fees.
  9. Get your money fast. Greenbackr is committed to getting any funds raised into your account within 15 days.
  10. We’re here for you. Savage’s sales team is on standby, specially trained to help you create a campaign that will help your team raise the money it needs. Reach out to us about Greenbackr today, and we’ll help you take the first steps toward getting backd.
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