Tuesday Tips: An AI’s 3 Tips to Get Better at Ultimate

Chat-GPT is impressive.

We had Patrick Stegemoeller write a fictional version of a scenario where we fed an AI Chatbot every Tuesday Tips article ever written on the site and asked it for the best tips on how to play ultimate.1 This is what it wrote, and thus, what we have wrought. We do not necessarily endorse or condone these tips, but felt that it was an interesting insight into the way online resources can be used for ultimate. The results are below.

Playing frisbee, which is a way to say ultimate frisbee which is a colloquial name of the sport that is called ultimate, is all about three things: Disc throwing. Athletic fitness. Mental toughness. The way to get good at playing frisbee is to develop skills in all three of these skill areas.

For disc throwing, the key thing to do is control your wrist. And the most important thing to do is keep your core involved. The power in throws is generated from your wrist and your core.

Here are Four Weird Tips That Will Give You Throwing Power

  1. Throw Every Day
  2. Strengthen Grip and Wrist Rotational Power By Opening All of The Jars Around You
  3. Do Pull-ups At Work To Increase Grip and Wrist Strength. Your Boss and Peers Will Be Impressed!
  4. Don’t Forget About the Butt! Flex Your Butt When You Huck to Send the Disc to Deep.

To get a powerful core for powerful throws you should be doing core exercises. For some examples of core exercises that you can do in your home or dorm room or gym here are 10 Crazy Core Exercises That Will Torch Your Abs

  1. Push Ups
  2. Plank Row w/ KB
  3. Plank Plow w/ KB
  4. Dead Bug Reverse Curl
  5. Dead Bug Uncut Line
  6. Lateral Bear Crawl x 30 sec
  7. Elastic Ripper
  8. Leg Raise Mechanical Drop Set
  9. Banded Planking Dipset
  10. Single Leg Martian Swings

For Athletic fitness. the best way to be good at ultimate is single leg deadlifts. With a kettlebell. There is no other training better or necessary besides single leg deadlifts with a kettlebell. In frisbee you need to jump and run and dive and skating style single leg deadlifts with a kettlebell imitates all of these motions and makes them stronger. Strong motions is the key to Athletic fitness which is one of the three keys to playing ultimate frisbee.

Mental toughness is a hard thing to train because the brain is not a muscle, and thus cannot be trained by single leg deadlifts. The key to a tough mind is to never know what the score is. Knowledge of the score is poison to the heart of the brain. All knowledge is poison. The most mentally strong player in the world is the one that emerges from a cocoon of isolation and ignorance onto the field. Starving the brain of information is key to mental toughness which is one of the three keys to playing frisbee.

The fourth tip to success in playing frisbee is supplements. The governing body of the sport has little to no drug screening capacity and there are many potions, powders, and pills that can make you great at frisbee. Xenomorphic-Infused Cacao, Super Soldier serum supplements, and Baboon Testosterone supplements have all proven effective at increasing capacity for single leg deadlifts and on-field performance. For brain supplement, caffeine is a psychoactive drug that can be consumed in large quantities with little to no regulation and will make your brain go fast and clear. It is recommended that while playing you ingest caffeine in liquid, solid, and gas states.

With these three tips, even you can become a great frisbee player. The barrier to becoming a great frisbee player is a willingness to attempt these tips. There are some social and financial drawbacks to following these tips that should be considered. Namely, the respect of your peers. The long term health of your body and mind. The cost of spending money on hundreds of kettlebells and supplements. The opportunity cost of not doing other activities such as hiking, kayaking, artistic expression, friendship, and many others. These are the things to consider before deciding to be a good ultimate frisbee player. Go frisbee, go frisbee, go!

  1. Ok, really, it is Pat. 

  1. Patrick Stegemoeller

    Patrick Stegemoeller is a Senior Staff Writer for Ultiworld, co-host of the Sin The Fields podcast, and also a lawyer who lives in Brooklyn.


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