Announcing The 2024 Club Team Pack

Even more live coverage than last year!

We are excited to announce that 2024 Club Team Packs are now available for purchase!

A Club Team Pack is the best deal available for access to Ultiworld’s extensive coverage of the USA Ultimate club division. A Team Pack offers unrestricted access to all of our club footage for your entire team and coaching staff. Here are some of the benefits associated with buying a Team Pack:

  • Unlimited streaming and download club video access for the season for every player and coach on your team!
  • Ultiworld will guarantee to film/stream at least one of your team’s games if your team is attending an Ultiworld-covered tournament!
  • Every player and coach will get live streaming access at all club tournaments at which we stream games!
  • Every player and coach will get a full club season Mini Subscription (through October 2024) to get additional premium Ultiworld content for free!
  • You get rights to use Ultiworld footage in your team’s highlight reels, award videos, or other promotional material!
  • Includes the opportunity to submit video and strategy questions to Ultiworld’s Film Room!
  • Best deal available — on average, around $16 a person for the season!

Buy the Club Team Pack on Ultiworld

Having access to high quality game footage of your team, your opponents, and other club teams in the Division is an excellent way to learn about new offensive and defensive structures, winning strategies, and the latest trends in the sport. You can learn more about your team’s strengths and weaknesses and scout your opponents more effectively.

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Additionally, your purchase of a Team Pack offers vital backing to Ultiworld’s overall operations. Our ability to deliver timely news, in-depth reporting, and extensive video coverage of the club season relies on the community’s support.

To be clear: download access for games will ONLY be available via the 2024 Club Team Pack. This will allow coaches to annotate the film and teams to create highlight reels or other video features.

Until July 31st, you can get a 2024 Club Team Pack for just $449 (after that, the price will rise to $499). **NOTE: 2023 team pack purchasers will receive an email with a special offer and discount on the 2024 package.**

If you enjoy Ultiworld’s work and value our contribution to the ultimate community, please purchase a Team Pack. As our primary product, the video sales subsidize the columns, news, and analysis posted on the website — and will also help us make investments in more video equipment (e.g., multiple camera angles, more filmed games). We’re also appealing to the community to be proactive about sustaining our work. Sharing a login may seem like no big deal, but we are a small enough business that (literally) every sale matters.

For more background on our move to video subscriptions, check out our prior two posts on the subject.

Live Coverage & Schedule

In 2023, we significantly expanded our live coverage of the club season, and this year almost all of our club video coverage will be livestreamed. Smaller events may only have single camera broadcasts and/or only include natural sound (i.e. no commentary), but our subscribers have strongly expressed their preference for live video and we are doing our best to broadcast live as much as possible.

Our live coverage will be available to all players and coaches on teams that purchase a Club Team Pack, as well as individuals with an All-Access subscription. Standard subscribers will have access to the vast majority of livestreams, but some bonus streams may only be available for those with an All-Access plan; be sure to check a specific event’s streaming schedule if you are unsure. Event Packs will also be available during select events as an alternative for individuals who prefer a one-time purchase rather than a subscription.

Planned Streaming Schedule
Subject to change

Pro-Elite Challenge East
Pro-Elite Challenge West
Masters Nationals
Select Flight Invite East
Select Flight Invite West
US Open
Elite-Select Challenge
Pro Championships
Select Regionals
Club Championships

While a variety of factors may cause an individual tournament to skew coverage more towards one division or another (teams in attendance, competitiveness of a division, diversity of matchups, viewer interest in an event, prior commitments like team packs, field site logistics, and more), our goal is to film a similar number of games from the women’s, men’s, and mixed divisions by the end of the season.

We are happy to answer questions in the comments below or by email at [email protected].

  1. Orion Burt

    Orion Burt is the Director of Technology for Ultiworld. Born in Seattle, attended NYU, previously co-founded Fondu. You can reach him by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@oburt).

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