Past Articles from Tad Wissel

Tad Wissel is an Ultiworld reporter.

  1. Sin The Fields: New Year’s Resolutions, Dry January, Lei Out

    New year, same sins.

  2. Sin The Fields: The 2018 Busties

    Who will win?

  3. Sin The Fields: Rehab, Other Sports, AUDL Teams Folding

    What sports do broken ultimate players take up?

  4. Sin The Fields: Making the A Team, Lei-Out, Fired After Nationals

    They're baaaack!

  5. Sin The Fields: Nationals, San Diego, Martyrdom


  6. Sin The Fields: Tad Made Nationals

    The devil hasn't struck back yet!

  7. Sin The Fields: The Lost Episode, Back-To-School, Pro Champs

    We found it!

  8. Sin The Fields Short: Deal With The Devil

    One bid....

  9. Sin The Fields: US Open, USAU Commercial, Bjorn Schey

    Great show this week!

  10. Sin The Fields: 3rd Anniversary Show, Wildwood, Worlds

    They made it to year four.

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