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Past Articles from Tad Wissel


Tad Wissel is an Ultiworld reporter.

  1. Sin The Fields: BIPOC Highlight Reel, The First Ever Wildwood

    The five year anniversary episode!

  2. Sin The Fields: Is Disc Golf Good?

    Does it scratch the itch?

  3. Sin The Fields: Summer League Viking Funeral

    Pouring one out for summer league.

  4. Sin The Fields: Our First Club Seasons

    Time to move to New Zealand!

  5. Sin The Fields: Missing Nationals, Summer Madness, Live Stream Revisited

    Weird and wild this week.

  6. Sin The Fields: Summer Tournament Stages of Grief, Eligibility Questions, 6/12/18/24 Revisited

    STF All-Star Tour?

  7. Sin The Fields: Episode #100

    They made it.

  8. Sin The Fields: Weird Injury Bracket Final

    Only one injury can be the weirdest.

  9. Sin The Fields: STF All-Star Announcement Mini-Pod

    The 2020 STF All-Star team is finalized!

  10. Sin The Fields: Weird Injury Bracket [Semifinals]

    We're down to the final four. May the most gruesome injury win.

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