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A commenter has some advice for Jim, the investor who is choosing between the AUDL and the MLU:

[quote]There is also a geographic element to this. The MLU has claimed the west coast, while the AUDL hopes to grow in the midwest. On the east coast, these two pro leagues will compete for player talent, fans, and advertising revenue.[/quote]

[quote]In that east coast competition, I think the MLU will dominate. The Spinners (MLU) have proven they can deliver a professional sports experience to their fans and sponsors. MLU is building hype and confidence with it’s logo design contests and promos. They still need the money and elite player commitment.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of AUDL bad press/controversy: Philly Spinners defection, Connecticut Constitution lawsuit, Columbus Cranes player safety, RI Rampage contract dispute, NJ Hammerheads logo, the Buffalo Hunter’s season, and the newly recalled highlight video. Indy Alleycats also almost disbanded, but they will survive without their best two players.

The AUDL does have some chance for success this year in the large midwest
cities, especially Toronto, Madison, and Chicago. It’s not dead yet. But AUDL year 1 has made further growth very difficult.

And why Rochester? Was Buffalo not painful enough? Pittsburgh was the obvious choice (MLU should expand here in 2014, AUDL lost it). Or go to the south! Atlanta, NC, or Texas. I hear there are some good players down there…

MLU Western division sounds exciting. Big cities. Big ultimate communities. Strong youth programs to bring families. Very high player talent. If the MLU is smart, they’ll try and avoid interfering with established USAU clubs (Revolver, Rhino, Sockeye, Furious) as much as possible.

Jim wants to make a long term investment? Choose the MLU. Jim’s concerns with revenue-sharing and top-down control are the reasons it’s a more stable investment. Buying an individual midwestern franchise is WAY more volatile than investing in the culture of coastal ultimate. If you like the leadership of the MLU, give them the resources to succeed.[/quote]


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    Charlie Eisenhood

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