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One thing I left out of my writeup of Houston’s Space City Ultimate I wanted to share, because I think it shows the kind of power a club model like this can have.

Cory Casella, President of Space City, after our interview, sent me an email with this story:

[quote]So one of the advantages of the “super club” is that we all wear the same gear. Jerseys, shorts, etc. There’s no distinction between the teams. That makes playing up and down through the club easier because you don’t have to have 3 different jerseys. Plus, our mentality is just that: it’s one club. So another advantage of that comes into play with help on the sidelines.

At South Central Regionals this year, our second team, Eclipse, qualified by virtue of another team in the region declining their bid. Not the way you want to get into Regionals, but we wanted to show that we deserved to be there. At the end of the day on Saturday, Eclipse matched up against Rawhide, a good Regional team from Oklahoma. Eclipse went down 8-3. Then Ignite, our first team, finished their game early and came to help on the sidelines. And the tide of the game shifted, almost immediately. All those jerseys on the sideline, all that green, talking, helping, supporting… guided Eclipse to an Ultimate point win and helped Eclipse on their way to a 7th place finish in a pretty tough Region. After a Facebook poll on Space City’s page, that was voted the “Moment of the Season” for the club. It was one of the best feelings of my Ultimate career, despite big wins over great teams, tournament victories, and big personal plays… That was probably it for me, so far. [/quote]

That’s pretty cool. A sea of the your opponent’s jerseys would look pretty intimidating, no question.

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    Charlie Eisenhood

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