Past Articles in Callahan Videos – Men’s

  1. Tulane’s Zachary Karpen for Callahan 2019

    If you like your Callahan videos nontraditional, filled with clips of fish, and some Fortnite, then Tulane and Zachary Karpen have got you covered.

  2. Southern California’s Sam Cook for Callahan 2019

    Former U20 National Team member Sam Cook was a big part of a strong season for USC. Check out his Callahan video.

  3. Auburn’s Eric Sjostrom for Callahan 2019

    An early teaser announced Eric Sjostrom as Auburn’s Callahan nominee. Sjostrom, a U.S.

  4. Michigan’s Nicholas Gerber for Callahan 2019

    Michigan return to D-I Men’s Nationals after a one-year hiatus with the help of Nicholas Gerber’s throws powering the offense. Check out his Callahan video.

  5. Tennessee Chattanooga’s Joseph Fugate for Callahan 2019

    This spring, UTC Swamp Donkey player Joseph Fugate tragically passed away in a car accident while driving back to Chattanooga.

  6. Carnegie Mellon’s Jasper Tom for Callahan 2019

    Jasper Tom may not be the biggest household name in the college division, but he’s been lighting it up for Carnegie Mellon and terrorizing the…

  7. Toledo’s Trevor Mack for Callahan 2019

    The University of Toledo has nominated Trevor Mack for Callahan. Check out the video.

  8. Pittsburgh’s Andrew Lehmberg for Callahan 2019

    Lehmberg didn’t take the easy road during his career at Pittsburgh, but the injury-plagued former O-line cutter has worked himself into a critical handler and…

  9. North Texas’ Cameron Young for Callahan 2019

    North Texas may not be a big name program, but they put together a decent set of highlights for their Callahan nominee, Cameron Young.

  10. Texas Tech’s Kyle Henke for Callahan 2019

    Kyle Henke was made famous by his AUDL greatest, but he was a huge part of a challenging Texas Tech club’s success this season.

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