Past Articles in Callahan Videos – Women’s

  1. West Chester’s Lindsay McKenna For Callahan 2019

    Lindsay McKenna, a 2019 U24 Team USA selection, is a layout D machine. Check out her 2019 Callahan video.

  2. California’s Anna Wysen for Callahan 2019

    The Pie Queens have produced two of the last three Callahan winners. This year’s nominee from Cal is Anna Wysen. Check out the video.

  3. Texas’ Domenica Sutherland For Callahan 2019

    Texas’ Domenica Sutherland appears ready to be a major player when Nationals comes to Austin.

  4. Northwestern’s Sarah Kim for Callahan 2019

    With Northwestern headed back to Nationals, we’ll have a chance to see more of springy Gungho star Sarah Kim in Austin.

  5. UC San Diego’s Stacy Tran for Callahan 2019

    On a team full of stars, UC San Diego Psycho have nominated senior Stacy Tran for Callahan. Check out her nomination video.

  6. Wisconsin’s Sarah Mondschein for Callahan 2019

    Wisconsin are headed back to Nationals after a year hiatus led by Second Team All Region senior Sarah Mondschein, who makes a special ask at…

  7. Ohio State’s Sadie Jezierski for Callahan 2019

    One of the most dominant and highlight-friendly players in the country, Ohio State’s Sadie Jezierski has been on an absolute tear in 2019, leading the…

  8. Michigan’s Laura Soter for Callahan 2019

    After starting her college career at Carleton with Syzygy, Laura Soter gets a Callahan nomination from Michigan Flywheel this spring. Check out the video.

  9. UPenn’s Anna Thompson for Callahan 2019

    Thompson’s college career has not played out in the spotlight, but she has earned an extensive list of accolades at the club level and beyond.

  10. Oregon’s Morgan Caldwell for Callahan 2019

    The athletic Caldwell has been getting blocks and making tough catches for Fugue for years. Check out her Callahan video.

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