Past Articles in Callahan Videos – Women’s

  1. Tufts’ Hazel Ostrowski for Callahan 2023

    Ostrowski has been a top player in the women’s division since her arrival and Rookie of the Year campaign.

  2. UCLA’s Tanya Bearson for Callahan 2023

    UCLA scored surprising upsets to fight their way to Nationals again in 2023, with two-time captain Tanya “Balto” Bearson at the helm as a thrower…

  3. Connecticut’s Jasiu Kreciglowa for Callahan 2023

    UConn’s 2022 Nationals berth came behind a big name who was gone this year, but the team remained in the thick of the Metro East…

  4. UC Davis’ Margo Donahue for Callahan 2023

    A talented player, respected leader, and valued community member, Margo Donahue checks all the Callahan boxes. Watch.

  5. Colorado’s Bailey Shigley for Callahan 2023

    After missing two full seasons with a knee injury, during one of which she captained, Bailey Shigley is back to ballin’ on the field. Watch.

  6. Wash U’s Izzy Singer for Callahan 2023

    Izzy Singer is a two-year captain who inspires her teammates and acts as a vital handler. Watch.

  7. Wisconsin’s Tess Berry for Callahan 2023

    Tess Berry has spent years honing an impressive throwing skillset and is a block-getting downfield. Watch.

  8. SUNY Binghamton’s Anna Purtell for Callahan 2023

    Purtell is a big catch machine and a key part of SUNY Binghamton’s three consecutive Metro East titles. Watch.

  9. Northeastern’s Clara Stewart for Callahan 2023

    A captain, U24 selection, veteran center handler, and, according to Clara Stewart’s nomination, “occasionally uses Twitter.” Watch.

  10. Yale’s Ellie “Jello” Jose for Callahan 2023

    With All-Region, All-Tournament, and All-Nickname Line accolades under Jose’s belt, she’s a level above the rest. Watch.

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