Past Articles in College Highlights

  1. Highlights: The Best of Universe Point (College 2019)

    Our best clips from double game point this college season.

  2. College Women’s Ultimate Highlights 2019

    An unforgettable season's top highlights.

  3. College Men’s Ultimate Highlights 2019

    The best of the men's college season!

  4. D-III College Championships 2019: Highlight Reel

    Our top plays and antics from this year's D-III Nationals!

  5. Northwest Challenge 2019: Women’s Highlights

    The highlights from the biggest collection of elite college programs during the women's college regular season!

  6. Huck Finn 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Top plays from Huck Finn!

  7. College Centex 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Howdy from Men's Centex!

  8. College Centex 2019: Women’s Highlights

    There’s nothing quite like college ultimate. Enjoy our highlights from Women’s College Centex 2019!

  9. FCS D-III Tune Up 2019: Men’s Highlights

    The best from the D-III tournament's inaugural event!

  10. Stanford Invite 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Our best men's clips from Stanford Invite!

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