Past Articles in Highlight Reels

  1. Huck Finn 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Top plays from Huck Finn!

  2. College Centex 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Howdy from Men's Centex!

  3. College Centex 2019: Women’s Highlights

    There’s nothing quite like college ultimate. Enjoy our highlights from Women’s College Centex 2019!

  4. FCS D-III Tune Up 2019: Men’s Highlights

    The best from the D-III tournament's inaugural event!

  5. Stanford Invite 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Our best men's clips from Stanford Invite!

  6. Stanford Invite 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Highlights from one of the most important tournaments of the year!

  7. Presidents’ Day Invite 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Some stars making big plays.

  8. Presidents’ Day Invite 2019: Men’s Highlights

    The best of a fun PDI.

  9. Queen City Tune Up 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Some top plays from the first big east coast tourney of the year!

  10. Florida Warm Up 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Fun in the sun!

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