Past Articles in Will Deaver

  1. The Frisbee Cliff: Where Will The 18 Teams Fall?

    Two competing visions. A late-night deadline. Rampant speculation. Egos. Leaders on both sides whipping votes at the last minute.

  2. NexGen Founder Responds To USA Ultimate Criticism Of His Proposed League

    NexGen founder Kevin Minderhout responds to criticism from USA Ultimate's Will Deaver -- who said the proposed league would have a "major negative impact" on the sport -- and explains why teams are attracted to his proposal.

  3. NexGen Deadline Looms As Teams Have Closed-Door Discussions With USA Ultimate

    Earlier this week, NexGen’s Kevin Minderhout extended the deadline for teams to make a decision about committing to his proposed league.

  4. USA Ultimate Says NexGen League Would Have “Major Negative Impact” On Sport

    USA Ultimate, as of last week, has been actively working to deter elite men's teams from joining NexGen founder Kevin Minderhout's proposed league, according to a USAU email to teams and an interview today with Ultiworld.

  5. After USA Ultimate Conference Call, A Select Flight Captain Reacts To The Triple Crown Tour

    Earlier this week, Will Deaver, USA Ultimate’s Managing Director of Competition and Athlete Programs, held a conference call with the captains of Select Flight teams…

  6. Today at 1 PM, A Live Chat With USA Ultimate About The Triple Crown Tour

    There are a lot of questions buzzing about the Triple Crown Tour, USA Ultimate’s recently announced Club restructuring.

  7. USA Ultimate Announces Major Club Restructure: An Explanation Of The “Triple Crown Tour”

    Today, USA Ultimate announced the Triple Crown Tour, a highly-anticipated restructuring of the Club Division and a major turning point in the sport that adds…

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