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Boston Wild Card

Established 2012
Based in Boston, Massachusetts/Northeast
Coaches Mike Mackenzie, Lee-Or Ankori-Karlinsky
Captains Katharine Sullivan, Kyle Johnson, Maxwell Rick
Postseason titles
Postseason appearances
appearances (4)
2017, 2015, 2014, 2013
appearances (5)
2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
appearances Italic indicates team received a bye to Regionals.
Other achievements and wins
Qualifiers (2)
2018, 2014

A Boston-based Mixed Club Ultimate team born in 2012 from the idea that diverse talent with focused, hard work can achieve great things. Wild Card is returning for its sixth season to test its mettle against the top teams in the United States and abroad. After another competitive season, culminating in a fifth place finish at the USAU Club Championships, Wild Card will kick off its 2018 summer ready to work toward another successful fall. As a young and determined team, we look to build each season one point at a time, and strive to maintain a positive atmosphere on the playing field by supporting each other, honoring our opposition, and upholding the spirit of competition

Recent Ranking

Boston Wild Card moved up to #12 (from #14) in our Mixed Division Power Rankings on October 26th, 2018.

Recent Videos

  1. Drag’N Thrust v. Wild Card (X Semifinal) 2018 Pro Championships
  2. Wild Card (USA) vs. GRUT (NED) 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships
  3. San Francisco Polar Bears v. Boston Wild Card (Semifinal, X) 2013 Club National Championships

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Year League Region
Regular Season Postseason results Captains Coaches
Wins Losses
2017 USAU Northeast
East New England
18 2
  1. 5th Place at Club Championships
    Lost in Quarters to Mixtape 12-13
    [5-2 record]
  2. 3rd Place at Northeast Regionals
    [7-1 record]
  3. 1st Place at East New England Sectionals
    [4-0 record]
Katharine Sullivan, Matt Heath, Eva Petzinger Mike Mackenzie, Lee-Or Ankori-Karlinsky
2016 USAU Northeast
East New England
8 2
  1. 3rd Place at Northeast Regionals
    Lost to Slow White and Metro North the eventual National Finalists
    [4-2 record]
Matt Heath, Eva Petzinger, Andrew Pillsbury Mike Mackenzie
2015 USAU Northeast
East New Eangland
10 6
  1. T-9th Place at Club Championships
    Lost in Quarters to Slow White 8-14
    [4-3 record]
  2. 1st Place at Northeast Regionals
    Defeat Metro North 12-8
    [5-0 record]
Mike Mackenzie
2014 USAU Northeast
East New England
10 10
  1. T-3rd Place at Club Championships
    Lost in Semis to Mixtape 12-15
    [5-1 record]
  2. 2nd Place at Northeast Regionals
    [4-1 record]
Mike Mackenzie
2013 USAU Northeast
East New England 17 12
  1. 4th Place at Club Championships
  2. 3rd Place at Northeast Regionals