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Brigham Young

Established 2000
Based in Provo, Utah
Nicknames Brigham Young University, CHI Ultimate
Short Name CHI
Coaches Bryce Merrill (Head Coach), Taylor Caldwell (Asst Coach), Eric Jacobson (Asst Coach)
Captains Ben Guthrie, Joseph Merrill
Roster Announcement
Postseason appearances
appearances Italic indicates team received a bye to Regionals. (5)
2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013
Other achievements and wins

Brigham Young is a college ultimate team based in Provo, Utah. The team competes as a member of the Northwest region and the Big Sky section in the College D-I Men's Division of USA Ultimate (USAU).

Recent Ranking

Brigham Young dropped to #2 (from #1) in our College D-I Men's Power Rankings on March 18th, 2020.

Recent Videos

  1. BYU v. Washington (M) Northwest Challenge 2016

For more videos try searching our video archives on VHX.


Year League Region
Regular Season Postseason results Captains Coaches
Wins Losses
2018 USAU Northwest
Big Sky
21 10
  1. DNF
    [5-0 record]
Matt Ricks, Austin Alpeter Bryce Merrill (Head Coach), Jason McKeen (Asst), Eric Jacobson (Asst)
2017 USAU Northwest
Big Sky
22 6
  1. DNF Place at Big Sky Sectionals
    Gonzaga, Utah, Idaho, UVU
    [4-0 record]
Seokhee Burngingham, Spencer Hodson Bryce Merrill, Eric Jacobson
2016 USAU Northwest
Big Sky
19 11 Jason McKeen, Bryant Boyer, Seokhee Burningham Bryce Merrill
2015 USAU Northwest
Big Sky
0 0
  1. DNF Place at Big Sky Sectionals
    [4-0 record]
Jason McKeen, Bryant Boyer Bryce Merrill
2014 USAU Northwest
Big Sky
19 1
  1. DNF Place at Big Sky Sectionals
    [4-0 record]
Bob Bodily, Brad McKeen Bryce Merrill
2013 USAU Northwest
15 3
  1. DNF Place at Conference Sectionals
    [3-1 record]
Steven Shepherd Bryce Merrill
2012 USAU Northwest
Big Sky Scott Cochran