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Ticket Prices

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A surprisingly under-discussed aspect of the professional leagues is their ticket prices. Sludge Ultimate did a comparative analysis and found some interesting results. Major League Ultimate’s season ticket prices, when looked at in terms of price per game, are nearly double those of the American Ultimate Disc League, at a whopping $16/ticket.

I understand the MLU’s conception of “Act As If,” but I think they are being quite aggressive with such a pricey admission fee. There’s not even a discount for buying season tickets — single game prices are $16 as well!

It doesn’t cost that much to go to a minor league baseball game, and, often, even a major league game. A quick search on StubHub and I see that I can go to a New York Mets game for $8 tomorrow. (Cue Mets jokes!)

Want to see the Yankees play the Indians tonight? $6 please. In fact, for $13, I can sit in the lower deck, first base side with a spectacular view.

It seems a little bit crazy that ticket prices are so high for games in small high-school stadiums.

In major metropolitan markets, there are a lot of things to do on a Saturday night. Going to an Ultimate game — already a stretch for anyone outside the sport — seems a little less attractive when it costs as much as a nice meal or a concert.

I think the AUDL’s Madison Radicals have the right idea here. Their ticket price? $5.

Well, they’re going to lose money right? They’re betting that food and beer will make up that difference.

Ask yourself: are you willing to spend $16 on a ticket to an ultimate game? Maybe once, just to check it out. Are you willing to spend $5? Yep, and you might just buy the $35 dollar season tickets (8 games) at that price.

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  • Mike

    Great article, really hits the nail on the head. I think that the AUDL will lower its prices since the MLU are the new kids on the block for this year at least.

    • Mike

      Oops i meant opposite MLU will lower its prices after it realizes the success of the AUDL. Sorry!

      • Bob

        Go home, Mike. You’re drunk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brummie49 Sion Scone

    These prices seem ludicrously cheap for an hour or two of entertainment. Dunno how expensive the cinema is in the US, but it’s got to be comparable to this. In the UK, tickets to sporting events are frequently closer to £50 for a decent game.

  • O’really…

    this coming from the outfit charging 4 bucks for low res video of not really exciting frisbee….

    • http://www.ultiworld.com/ Charlie Eisenhood

      Ha ha OK. Next tournament we’ll tell the teams to make it more exciting.

      I think maybe a lot of people misunderstand the point of the video store. This is largely a service for teams who want game tape. That’s why we don’t add commentary, replays, etc. There are plenty of players and coaches who feel $4 is a bargain for what we provide.

      The fact is that these games would not otherwise be seen by anyone. If you think they are too expensive, please enjoy our free video content. We needed to find a way to make it sensible for us to spend hours editing footage for everything we have.

  • anon

    “Whopping 16 dollars?” Have you seen the prices for 3D movie tickets lately? Man, ultimate people are cheapskates.

    • guest

      Have you seen the prices for NBA tickets lately? I recently paid $15 for a ticket to watch Oklahoma City at Milwaukee. Yes, the game was a little one-sided, but why would I want to pay the SAME price to watch okay high-level ultimate (not as good as club) as I did to watch a REAL pro sport? Answer, I wouldn’t.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nick.diorio.10 Nick DiOrio

        Not as good as Club? Just so you know, most of these players are Club players…

  • YVR

    In Vancouver, the MLS is $25, CFL is $30, and NHL is $60, and all those are lowest price, face value. Nighthawks are a deal.

  • Guest

    Anything worth seeing is worth more than $5. I’ll gladly watch the MLU take over professional ultimate at $16 per game any day.

  • cribber

    Great Article, great point. I have a kid and girlfriend who love Ultimate too and we would all like to check it out but that’s $48 bucks + gas and bridge toll and parking. Call it $70 if we got some food/drinks. I support the MLU and the AUDL and all things flatball, and I wish I were in a position where $70 didn’t seem like a lot for our little family .. but it does.

    .. perhaps I should go out and get a real job! : )

  • a Roc

    I feel like some folks comment are somewhat missing the point. I don’t think this should be an argument of whether or not paying $16 for an Ultimate game is worth it (of course it is!), it’s whether or not enough people are actually going to be willing to pay for it. My guess is probably not. I think MLU should lower the ticket prices to $10 & appeal to a wider audience.

    Also, where’s the Women’s Professional League?!

    • PdG

      Enough with the Women’s Professional league business. I know that a lot of ultimate players are either engineers or art history majors, but are there no economists around here?

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