Ultiworld’s 2021 Club Awards Voting Breakdown

A full look at our aggregate 2021 Awards ballots.

Ann Arbor Hybrid's Justin Perticone and Madalyn Simko both received votes in our 2021 Club Awards. Photo: Kevin Leclaire -- UltiPhotos.com
Ann Arbor Hybrid’s Justin Perticone and Madalyn Simko both received votes in our 2021 Club Awards. Photo: Kevin Leclaire — UltiPhotos.com

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Our official 2021 Club Awards have all been announced — though stay tuned for more unofficial awards talk with our annual superlatives and snubs articles! — but we wanted to pull the curtain back a little bit to give our subscribers a look at how all votes shook out for each award.

Each year, we invite all division reporters, staff writers, and editors to submit a ballot for each gender division.

This year, for each of the individual awards we asked our contributors to submit a podium of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, with an option to include 4th and 5th place finishers as a tiebreaker. When our totals are tallied, players get three points for a 1st place vote, two for a 2nd place vote, and one point for a 3rd place vote. Unlike in past years where our entire POTY podium was ineligible to win other individual awards, this year only the POTY winner was ineligible. In the event of any ties, we recalculated taking into account any 4th and 5th place votes; the second tiebreaker was the number of ballots a player appeared on.

For our All-Club teams, each contributor submits a ranked list of their top 21 players — submitting three full lines help better differentiate at the margins — with a 1st place vote earning 21 points and descending from there. In the event of any ties, the first tiebreaker is the number of ballots a player appeared on and the second tiebreaker is who received the highest vote (ie, most 1st place votes).

Below are the full vote tallies of our 2021 Club Awards.


This year, we received eight ballots for our Women’s division awards.

Women's 2021 Club Player of the Year Votes

Player (Team)1st Place votes2nd Place votes3rd Place votesTotalTiebreaker Total
Lindsay Soo (Phoenix)4131733
Anna Thompson (Fury)2211123
Lisa Pitcaithley (Molly Brown)121821
Kami Groom (Brute Squad)022617
Opi Payne (Fury)10035
Lien Hoffmann (Brute Squad)01027
Jessie O'Connor (Fury)00113

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