Mailbag: Nationals Preview Edition!

Are people sleeping on Sockeye?

Seattle Sockeye's Garrett Martin at the 2022 Pro Championships.
Seattle Sockeye’s Garrett Martin at the 2022 Pro Championships. Photo: Brian Whittier

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Q: For each of your chosen winners (Fury, Mixtape, PoNY), give us a pre-mortem on why they failed to take home the crown. Who beat them — and how? Which players got shut down on O? Which players got targeted on D? What key plays will they be reliving in the off-season?

– Bulb

A: At 10-10 in the Fury-Molly final, Manu Cardenas peels off her mark at the front of the stack to poach the lane. She lays out, narrowly getting a piece of the disc and sending it out of bounds. After a Molly timeout, they punch in the go-ahead break, courtesy of Manu again. Fury, on the ropes, overcooks a swing pass on the next possession and Molly roars to another break with the crowd going nuts. It’s clear as day that they are going to win their first national title.

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