The Ultiworld Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Every holiday season, there are several events you can’t wait for: the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting, the first snowfall, the ball drop in Times Square, and, most of all, the Ultiworld Holiday Gift Guide! As always, we have a collection of apparel and other items that the ultimate player in your life will love.

You can look back at our previous editions (2019, 2018, 201720162015201420132012) for even more suggestions.

Disclosure: We have affiliate deals with some of the merchants below. When you buy certain products via Ultiworld, we receive financial compensation at no additional cost to you.

Kikko Socks

Kikko Socks makes socks for ultimate players. At $12 a pair or in bundles of three for $36 with free shipping and optional gift wrapping extra, the price range is perfect for gifts to teammates, coaches, friends, and family. They’re super comfortable and remain so even after a full day of ultimate. They’re great all-around performers and extremely versatile, so, despite the lack of ultimate right now, they’ll still see plenty of use.

Kikko Socks also sells hoodies for $49, which come in some great colors and are every bit as comfortable as the socks.

Board/Card Games

We all need some fun and portable games. Here are a few card based games that you can easily take on the go to a tournament or play at game night with your friends.

The Game
Party Bowl
Charty Party

Hand Sanitizer

It’s no secret that we’re all a little more germ-cautious lately. Help your friends and family stay healthy with Murphy’s Natural portable hand sanitizer. This six pack of 2 oz bottles is only $18 and comes from a certified B Corporation, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Feature Item: Friction Gloves

Baby, it’s cold outside. And that calls for gloves. But what if your gloves were also good in the heat, and essentially every other condition, because they made your game better? Enter Friction Gloves.

Buy one pair of Friction 3s and get a 2nd pair for 50% off! A perfect holiday gift for you and an ultimate playing loved one. Or keep a spare pair in your bag! Enter code BOGO50 at checkout.

Play your best in all conditions and be prepared for a cold & wet winter!

Sleep Mask + Ear Plugs

I know I’m not the only person that hates flying. For me, sleep masks are a must have any time I fly for a tournament. I like to drown out all sensory information and huddle against my seat waiting for the Dramamine to kick in. If you’re not much of a flyer, they can also be great for road trips, or even at the tournament hotel room when your teammates won’t shut off the random Lifetime movie that you’ve never seen before, but know exactly how the plot is going to go.

Go the affordable route with these hand-made outer space-inspired masks or splurge on this more luxurious satin sleep mask with a noise-reducing feature as well.

Disc Golf Starter Kit

With ultimate players queueing up to join the disc golf ranks, Dynamic Discs’ disc golf starter kit is now more important than ever.

Cooler Backpack

It’s time to accept that you no longer need storage space for cleats. Frisbee is dead for now. Don’t fight it, don’t be sad. Instead, jump on another active trend and go hiking. With a $37 cooler backpack, not only can you feel invigorated by the fresh air but also indulge in drinks and snacks when you get to the top.

Or you can set some money on fire and spend $500 on this Yeti version.

Plastic-Free Dental Hygiene Kit

Make your twice-a-day routine more sustainable with these Bite plastic-free alternatives. Never deal with a crusty dried toothpaste tube again! Plus, you won’t have to worry about going over the TSA liquid limit while flying!

Trendy Headwear: Embroidered Visor

Your ultimate accessories can send a message to teammates and opponents alike before you even step on the field. And you want that message to be a positive one. Maybe this embroidered, soccer mom visor could be the new five panel hat! Get on board quick before you’re left in the fashion dust.

Online Workout Subscription

If you and your friends are tired of doing the same YouTube workouts over and over, consider an online workout subscription! From yoga to dance to boxing, there’s something for everyone and it will help break up the at-home workout monotony.