Past Articles in Callahan Videos – Men’s

  1. NC State’s Henry Poe for Callahan 2020

    The first of the season?

  2. California’s Tommy Lin for Callahan 2019

    California Ugmo have nominated Tommy Lin for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  3. UC Santa Cruz’s Aaron Hom for Callahan 2019

    UC Santa Cruz Slugs have nominated Aaron Hom for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  4. Nevada’s Ray Lopez for Callahan 2019

    Nevada-Reno Elevation has nominated Ray Lopez for Callahan. Check out the video.

  5. Virginia’s Alexandre Fall for Callahan 2019

    Virginia Night Train have nominated Alexandre Fall for Callahan. Check out the video.

  6. Tufts’ Eric Chen for Callahan 2019

    Tufts E-Men have nominated Eric Chen for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  7. Oregon’s Leandro Marx for Callahan 2019

    A runner up for Ultiworld’s Defensive Player of the Year award last spring, Leandro Marx may well be the best player in the Northwest region…

  8. Cal Poly SLO’s Ian Sweeney for Callahan 2019

    Ian Sweeney has been one of the best players in the Southwest throughout his college career, four times earning First Team All-Region honors while leading…

  9. Yale’s Sam Feder for Callahan 2019

    Yale Superfly have nominated senior handler Sam Feder for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  10. Minnesota’s Sam Kaminsky for Callahan 2019

    Minnesota Grey Duck were a surprising North Central champion to many, but the strong play of third year senior Sam Kaminsky played a big role…

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