Past Articles in Callahan Videos – Men’s

  1. Johns Hopkins’ Angelo Olcese for Callahan 2019

    Johns Hopkins was one of the most surprising men’s teams of the season. Olcese’s downfield playmaking helped lead them to many upsets.

  2. Texas’s Vinay Valsaraj For Callahan 2019

    Texas’ Vinay Valsaraj has been a huge presence, literally and figuratively, on both the team’s offense and defense all year. Check out his Callahan video.

  3. Alabama-Huntsville’s Elijah Jaime for Callahan 2019

    UAH has nominated the often bandana-clad Elijah Jaime for the Callahan Award. Check out his 2019 Callahan video.

  4. UMass’ Tannor Johnson For Callahan

    Watch for the give-and-gone!

  5. UT Dallas’s Kirtan ‘Q’ Patel for Callahan 2019

    A nomination years in the making, UT Dallas Woof has put forth Kirtan Patel for the Callahan award.

  6. Penn State’s Nate Donaher for Callahan 2019

    Penn State Spank has nominated Nate Donaher for the Callahan award. Check out his video.

  7. Wisconsin’s Nick Vogt for Callahan 2019

    The Wisconsin Hodags have nominated Nick Vogt for the Callahan award.

  8. North Carolina’s Matt Gouchoe-Hanas for Callahan 2019

    With two college titles, an Ultiworld Player of the Year award, and a litany of other victories and accolades, Matt Gouchoe-Hanas already has a fairly…

  9. Northwestern’s Kyle Rutledge for Callahan 2019

    After a breakout performance at 2018 College Nationals, Kyle Rutledge balled out for Northwestern again this spring, despite the team failing to live up to…

  10. New Hampshire’s Rocco Linehan for Callahan 2019

    New Hampshire may not be a powerhouse program, but Rocco Linehan has still made a name for himself and earned a spot on the U24…

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