Past Articles in EUCF

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  1. European Ultimate Championship Finals: Round-Up

    A brand-new European champion and two familiar winners!

  2. European Ultimate Championship Finals: Open (Preview)

    Mooncatchers come in riding a perfect season. Can they complete it?

  3. European Ultimate Championship Finals: Women’s (Preview)

    Can anyone prevent another YAKA vs Shout final?

  4. European Ultimate Championship Finals: A Primer

    What's happened ahead of Euros this weekend?

  5. EuroZone: EUCF and EBUCC Recap

    What's your take on throwing games in important tournaments?

  6. Deep Look: Nationals Seeding Predix, U24 Tryouts, EUCF

    Who's gonna make the U24 team?

  7. EuroZone: EUCF 2022 Preview

    Who will take the European club crown?

  8. Lessons from the AUDL: European Perspective

    What can Europe learn from American ultimate?

  9. XEUCF 2021 Pools and Format

    67 of Europe's best teams are coming together in Bruges!

  10. EuroZone: XEUCF Picks, Sexual Harassment in Switzerland

    Who is going to play at the XEUCF?

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