Past Articles in EUCF

  1. Deep Look: Regionals, EUCF, Bid Fees, Small Ball

    Breaking down an exciting Regionals weekend!

  2. It’s Time for the EUCF to Move to Evenly Sized Divisions

    Ravi argues for a big change to the EUCF!

  3. Alba Gu Bràth: A New Era for Men’s Ultimate in Scotland

    Scotland unites to form a new elite club!

  4. EUCF 2019: Tournament Preview (Mixed)

    Even without SeE6, will the EUCF title stay in the North?

  5. EUCF 2019: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Established names to clash with fresh faces in the EUCF women's division!

  6. EUCF 2019: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Can anyone challenge Clapham?

  7. EuroZone: EUCF 2019 Preview

    It's time for the EUCF!

  8. Opening Pull: USAU Club Regionals Set Nationals Field

    Your Monday morning ultimate news.

  9. EuroZone: EUCF 2019 Pool Reveal!

    EuroZone exclusive pool reveal!

  10. EUCF 2019: Pot Reveal

    Let's see how the pools will shake out in Caorle!

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