Past Articles in Sideline Talk

  1. Sideline Talk: Adriana Withers [Ep. 6]

    Sideline Talk is a new Ultiworld podcast about the people and personalities in ultimate. This podcast is available exclusively to Ultiworld Subscribers.

  2. Sideline Talk: Johnny Bansfield [Ep. 5]

    How do you throw a full field forehand with almost no windup?

  3. Sideline Talk: Mark Lloyd [Ep. 4]

    Fascinating insight into what it takes to become an elite athlete.

  4. Sideline Talk: Gwen Ambler [Ep. 3]

    The decorated veteran player and coach tells her story.

  5. Sideline Talk: Mitch Dengler [Ep. 2]

    Dengler Justice.

  6. Sideline Talk: Tiina Booth [Ep. 1]

    The first episode!

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