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The richest, most compelling podcast about ultimate to date, giving center stage to the attitude, extraordinary stories, and peripheral weirdness that makes ultimate its own. Hosted by Tad Wissel and Patrick Stegemoeller.

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Latest Episode:

Latest Episode of Sin The Fields

  1. Sin The Fields: Dunkirk, But Staying On Your Couch


  2. Sin The Fields: Quarantine Special Mini-Show

    Full show on Friday!

  3. Sin The Fields: College Regionalism, Offsides Morality, STF All-Stars

    Find out this year's first-ballot STF All-Stars!

  4. Sin The Fields: It Was a Bad Move, Everyone’s Upset

    College! Beach of Dreams! Cheating!

  5. Sin The Fields: Contested Strip, Beach Ultimate, Dry January Diaries

    Contested Strip is releasing a book!

  6. Sin The Fields: Beach of Dreams, Olympics

    The first show of 2020!

  7. Sin The Fields: 2019 Busties

    Who's taking home a bustie?

  8. Sin The Fields: Turkey Trots, Elections, PUL/WUL Branding

    Actual news on STF this week!

  9. Sin The Fields: A Show About Nothing

    Off the rails!

  10. Sin The Fields: Just Nationals

    Nothing but the most important stories from the Club Championships!

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