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Past Articles in Sin The Fields

The richest, most compelling podcast about ultimate to date, giving center stage to the attitude, extraordinary stories, and peripheral weirdness that makes ultimate its own. Hosted by Tad Wissel and Patrick Stegemoeller.

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Latest Episode:

Latest Episode of Sin The Fields

  1. Sin The Fields: BIPOC Highlight Reel, The First Ever Wildwood

    The five year anniversary episode!

  2. Sin The Fields: Is Disc Golf Good?

    Does it scratch the itch?

  3. Sin The Fields: Summer League Viking Funeral

    Pouring one out for summer league.

  4. Sin The Fields: Our First Club Seasons

    Time to move to New Zealand!

  5. Sin The Fields: Missing Nationals, Summer Madness, Live Stream Revisited

    Weird and wild this week.

  6. Sin The Fields: Summer Tournament Stages of Grief, Eligibility Questions, 6/12/18/24 Revisited

    STF All-Star Tour?

  7. Sin The Fields: Episode #100

    They made it.

  8. Sin The Fields: Weird Injury Bracket Final

    Only one injury can be the weirdest.

  9. Sin The Fields: STF All-Star Announcement Mini-Pod

    The 2020 STF All-Star team is finalized!

  10. Sin The Fields: Weird Injury Bracket [Semifinals]

    We're down to the final four. May the most gruesome injury win.

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