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Based in Stanford, California
Nicknames Bloodthirsty
Coaches Ryan Thompson, Jordan Marcy, Nathan White
Captains Gabe Hernandez, Max Perham, Sam Kunz
Roster Announcement
Postseason titles
Postseason appearances
appearances (3)
2016, 2015, 2014
appearances Italic indicates team received a bye to Regionals. (3)
2016, 2015, 2014

Stanford is a college ultimate team based in Stanford, California. The team competes as a member of the Southwest region and the NorCal section in the College D-I Men's Division of USA Ultimate (USAU).

Recent Videos

  1. Stanford v. Massachusetts (M) 2018 D-I College National Championships
  2. Stanford v. Colorado State (Pool Play, M) 2017 D-I College National Championships
  3. Georgia v. Stanford (Pool Play) Easterns 2017
  4. Stanford vs. Tufts (Pool Play, M) Stanford Invite 2017
  5. Stanford v. UGA (Pool Play, M) Classic City Classic 2015

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Year League Region
Regular Season Postseason results Captains Coaches
Wins Losses
2016 USAU Southwest
16 5
  1. 2nd Place at Southwest Regionals
    Lost Southwest Regional Final (Cal Poly SLO) 8-13
    Won Southwest Regional Semifinal (UC San Diego) 13-9
    [5-1 record]
  2. 1st Place at NorCal Sectionals
    Won NorCal Conference Final (Chico St) 15-2
    [5-1 record]
Alvin Kim, Elliott Chartock, Gabe Hernandez Ryan Thompson, Cody Mills, Jordan Marcy
2015 USAU Southwest
12 11
  1. 2nd Place at Southwest Regionals
    Lost Southwest Regional Final (UC Santa Barbara) 9-11
    Won Southwest Regional Semifinal (Arizona St) 12-11
    [5-1 record]
  2. 2nd Place at NorCal Sectionals
    [7-1 record]
David Newcomb, Nolan Walsh Ryan Thompson, Dan Silverstein, Cody Mills
2014 USAU Southwest
11 11
  1. T-5th Place at Southwest Regionals
    [3-2 record]
  2. 2nd Place at NorCal Sectionals
    [6-0 record]
Andrew Bleich, Bryan Cheng, Cody Mills Dan Silverstein, Jordan Jeffery