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Mare of Fishtown vs. Toro | Mixed Semifinal

Richmond Cup 2021
July 9, 2021
Included inStandard Subscription, 2021 Club Team Pack
PublishedJuly 9, 2021
Duration44 minutes
EventRichmond Cup 2021

Overall 1-seed Philadelphia Mare of Fishtown (AMP and friends) swept through pool play, amassing a 5-0 record and never giving up more than 7 goals. Raleigh Toro easily easily made the semifinal, going 4-1 in pool play, but a 13-6 loss to 2-seed Sweet Cat pegged them a tier below the two favorites. Late arrivals Mary Rippe and Allan Laviolette bolstered Toro's roster on Sunday, setting the stage for a spicy matchup.

Watch to see who punches their ticket to the final and a chance to win $7500!

The Richmond Cup was a $10,000 prize pool tournament held June 12-13, 2021 in Richmond, Virginia.