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Here Is The 2018 AUDL Regular Season Schedule

161 games on tap this season.

Mark Burton. Photo: AUDL.

The American Ultimate Disc League just announced their 2018 Regular Season schedule. Here it is, searchable and sortable by date, team, or division.

DateAway TeamHome TeamDivisionGame Time (Local)Week
3/31/18Indianapolis AlleycatsDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD1
3/31/18Tampa Bay CannonsRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM1
4/7/18Montreal RoyalDC BreezeEast6:30 PM2
4/7/18Madison RadicalsIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest7:30 PM2
4/7/18San Diego GrowlersLos Angeles AviatorsWest6:00 PM2
4/7/18Detroit MechanixPittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest6:00 PM2
4/7/18Dallas RoughnecksRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM2
4/7/18Minnesota Wind ChillSeattle CascadesWest6:00 PM2
4/7/18San Jose SpidersSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest6:30 PM2
4/7/18Atlanta HustleTampa Bay CannonsSouth7:00 PM2
4/8/18Montreal RoyalPhiladelphia PhoenixEast1:00 PM2
4/14/18Los Angeles AviatorsAustin SolSouth7:00 PM3
4/14/18Minnesota Wind ChillMadison RadicalsMidwest6:00 PM3
4/14/18Atlanta HustleNashville NightwatchSouth7:00 PM3
4/14/18Toronto RushNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM3
4/14/18Chicago WildfirePittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest6:00 PM3
4/14/18San Diego GrowlersSeattle CascadesWest6:00 PM3
4/14/18San Francisco FlameThrowersSan Jose SpidersWest7:00 PM3
4/14/18Raleigh FlyersTampa Bay CannonsSouth7:00 PM3
4/15/18Los Angeles AviatorsDallas RoughnecksSouth1:00 PM3
4/15/18Toronto RushPhiladelphia PhoenixEast1:00 PM3
4/21/18Tampa Bay CannonsAtlanta HustleSouth6:30 PM4
4/21/18Austin SolDallas RoughnecksSouth7:00 PM4
4/21/18Madison RadicalsDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD4
4/21/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest7:30 PM4
4/21/18Chicago WildfireMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest6:00 PM4
4/21/18Raleigh FlyersNashville NightwatchSouth7:00 PM4
4/21/18Ottawa OutlawsNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM4
4/21/18Seattle CascadesSan Diego GrowlersWest7:00 PM4
4/21/18Toronto RushSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest6:30 PM4
4/22/18Ottawa OutlawsDC BreezeEast1:00 PM4
4/22/18San Jose SpidersLos Angeles AviatorsWest1:30 PM4
4/27/18Raleigh FlyersAustin SolSouth7:00 PM5
4/27/18San Diego GrowlersSan Jose SpidersWest7:30 PM5
4/28/18Indianapolis AlleycatsChicago WildfireMidwest7:30 PM5
4/28/18Raleigh FlyersDallas RoughnecksSouth7:00 PM5
4/28/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsMadison RadicalsMidwest6:00 PM5
4/28/18Montreal RoyalOttawa OutlawsEast2:30 PM5
4/28/18DC BreezePhiladelphia PhoenixEast6:30 PM5
4/28/18San Diego GrowlersSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest6:30 PM5
4/28/18Nashville NightwatchTampa Bay CannonsSouth7:00 PM5
5/4/18San Jose SpidersSan Diego GrowlersWest7:00 PM6
5/5/18Austin SolAtlanta HustleSouth6:30 PM6
5/5/18Indianapolis AlleycatsDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD6
5/5/18San Jose SpidersLos Angeles AviatorsWest7:00 PM6
5/5/18Madison RadicalsMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest3:00 PM6
5/5/18Philadelphia PhoenixMontreal RoyalEast1:00 PM6
5/5/18DC BreezeNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM6
5/5/18Tampa Bay CannonsRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM6
5/5/18San Francisco FlameThrowersSeattle CascadesWest6:00 PM6
5/6/18Austin SolNashville NightwatchSouth2:00 PM6
5/6/18Philadelphia PhoenixOttawa OutlawsEast2:00 PM6
5/6/18Indianapolis AlleycatsPittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest4:00 PM6
5/12/18Tampa Bay CannonsAtlanta HustleSouth6:30 PM7
5/12/18Dallas RoughnecksAustin SolSouth7:00 PM7
5/12/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsChicago WildfireMidwest6:00 PM7
5/12/18Raleigh FlyersDC BreezeEast6:30 PM7
5/12/18Detroit MechanixMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest5:00 PM7
5/12/18New York EmpirePhiladelphia PhoenixEast6:30 PM7
5/12/18San Francisco FlameThrowersSan Jose SpidersWest7:00 PM7
5/13/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest5:00 PM7
5/13/18Detroit MechanixMadison RadicalsMidwest12:00 PM7
5/13/18Toronto RushMontreal RoyalEast1:30 PM7
5/13/18Los Angeles AviatorsSeattle CascadesWest1:00 PM7
5/18/18Seattle CascadesSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest7:00 PM8
5/19/18Atlanta HustleAustin SolSouth7:00 PM8
5/19/18Madison RadicalsChicago WildfireMidwest6:00 PM8
5/19/18Tampa Bay CannonsNashville NightwatchSouth7:00 PM8
5/19/18Philadelphia PhoenixNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM8
5/19/18Minnesota Wind ChillPittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest6:00 PM8
5/19/18Los Angeles AviatorsSan Diego GrowlersWest6:30 PM8
5/19/18Seattle CascadesSan Jose SpidersWest7:00 PM8
5/19/18DC BreezeToronto RushEast6:30 PM8
5/20/18Atlanta HustleDallas RoughnecksSouth1:00 PM8
5/20/18Minnesota Wind ChillDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD8
5/20/18DC BreezeMontreal RoyalEast1:00 PM8
5/20/18Ottawa OutlawsToronto RushEast1:00 PM8
5/26/18New York EmpireDC BreezeEast6:30 PM9
5/26/18Chicago WildfireIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest7:00 PM9
5/26/18San Diego GrowlersLos Angeles AviatorsWest6:00 PM9
5/26/18Raleigh FlyersMadison RadicalsMidwest7:00 PM9
5/26/18Austin SolNashville NightwatchSouth7:00 PM9
5/26/18Philadelphia PhoenixToronto RushEast4:00 PM9
5/27/18Philadelphia PhoenixOttawa OutlawsEast2:00 PM9
6/1/18Austin SolRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM10
6/2/18Chicago WildfireDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD10
6/2/18Indianapolis AlleycatsMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest5:00 PM10
6/2/18Toronto RushMontreal RoyalEast5:00 PM10
6/2/18Dallas RoughnecksNashville NightwatchSouth7:00 PM10
6/2/18Ottawa OutlawsNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM10
6/2/18DC BreezePittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest6:00 PM10
6/2/18San Francisco FlameThrowersSan Diego GrowlersWest6:30 PM10
6/2/18San Jose SpidersSeattle CascadesWest6:00 PM10
6/2/18Austin SolTampa Bay CannonsSouth7:00 PM10
6/3/18Dallas RoughnecksAtlanta HustleSouth1:00 PM10
6/3/18San Francisco FlameThrowersLos Angeles AviatorsWest1:30 PM10
6/3/18Ottawa OutlawsPhiladelphia PhoenixEast1:00 PM10
6/8/18Minnesota Wind ChillMadison RadicalsMidwest7:00 PM11
6/8/18Montreal RoyalOttawa OutlawsEast7:30 PM11
6/9/18Dallas RoughnecksAustin SolSouth7:00 PM11
6/9/18Madison RadicalsChicago WildfireMidwest7:00 PM11
6/9/18Toronto RushDC BreezeEast6:30 PM11
6/9/18Atlanta HustleNashville NightwatchSouth7:00 PM11
6/9/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsPhiladelphia PhoenixEast6:30 PM11
6/9/18San Diego GrowlersSan Jose SpidersWest7:00 PM11
6/16/18Dallas RoughnecksAtlanta HustleSouth6:30 PM12
6/16/18Seattle CascadesLos Angeles AviatorsWest6:00 PM12
6/16/18Detroit MechanixMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest6:00 PM12
6/16/18New York EmpireMontreal RoyalEast6:00 PM12
6/16/18Madison RadicalsPittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest6:00 PM12
6/16/18Nashville NightwatchRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM12
6/16/18San Jose SpidersSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest6:30 PM12
6/16/18Ottawa OutlawsToronto RushEast6:30 PM12
6/17/18Detroit MechanixChicago WildfireMidwest1:00 PM12
6/17/18Madison RadicalsIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest5:00 PM12
6/17/18Seattle CascadesSan Diego GrowlersWest1:00 PM12
6/17/18Dallas RoughnecksTampa Bay CannonsSouth1:00 PM12
6/17/18New York EmpireToronto RushEast1:00 PM12
6/23/18Raleigh FlyersAtlanta HustleSouth6:30 PM13
6/23/18Nashville NightwatchAustin SolSouth7:00 PM13
6/23/18Detroit MechanixIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest7:00 PM13
6/23/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest6:00 PM13
6/23/18Montreal RoyalNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM13
6/23/18San Diego GrowlersSeattle CascadesWest7:00 PM13
6/23/18Los Angeles AviatorsSan Jose SpidersWest7:00 PM13
6/23/18DC BreezeToronto RushEast6:30 PM13
6/24/18Nashville NightwatchDallas RoughnecksSouth1:00 PM13
6/24/18Chicago WildfireDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD13
6/24/18DC BreezeOttawa OutlawsEast2:00 PM13
6/24/18Montreal RoyalPhiladelphia PhoenixEast1:00 PM13
6/24/18Los Angeles AviatorsSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest1:00 PM13
6/30/18Austin SolDallas RoughnecksSouth7:00 PM14
6/30/18Philadelphia PhoenixDC BreezeEast6:30 PM14
6/30/18Pittsburgh ThunderbirdsDetroit MechanixMidwestTBD14
6/30/18Indianapolis AlleycatsMadison RadicalsMidwest6:00 PM14
6/30/18Chicago WildfireMinnesota Wind ChillMidwest6:00 PM14
6/30/18New York EmpireOttawa OutlawsEast6:00 PM14
6/30/18Nashville NightwatchRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM14
6/30/18San Francisco FlameThrowersSan Diego GrowlersWest6:30 PM14
6/30/18Atlanta HustleTampa Bay CannonsSouth7:00 PM14
7/1/18San Francisco FlameThrowersLos Angeles AviatorsWest1:30 PM14
7/1/18New York EmpireMontreal RoyalEast1:00 PM14
7/1/18San Jose SpidersSeattle CascadesWest1:00 PM14
7/7/18Indianapolis AlleycatsChicago WildfireMidwest6:00 PM15
7/7/18Tampa Bay CannonsDallas RoughnecksSouth7:00 PM15
7/7/18Philadelphia PhoenixNew York EmpireEast7:00 PM15
7/7/18Atlanta HustleRaleigh FlyersSouth7:00 PM15
7/7/18Montreal RoyalToronto RushEast6:30 PM15
7/8/18Tampa Bay CannonsAustin SolSouth1:00 PM15
7/8/18Toronto RushOttawa OutlawsEast2:00 PM15
7/13/18Seattle CascadesSan Jose SpidersWest7:30 PM16
7/14/18New York EmpireDC BreezeEast6:30 PM16
7/14/18Minnesota Wind ChillIndianapolis AlleycatsMidwest7:00 PM16
7/14/18Chicago WildfireMadison RadicalsMidwest6:00 PM16
7/14/18Detroit MechanixPittsburgh ThunderbirdsMidwest6:00 PM16
7/14/18Los Angeles AviatorsSan Diego GrowlersWest6:30 PM16
7/14/18Seattle CascadesSan Francisco FlameThrowersWest6:30 PM16
7/14/18Nashville NightwatchTampa Bay CannonsSouth7:00 PM16
7/15/18Nashville NightwatchAtlanta HustleSouth5:00 PM16
7/15/18Minnesota Wind ChillChicago WildfireMidwest1:00 PM16
7/15/18Ottawa OutlawsMontreal RoyalEast1:00 PM16
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    Charlie Eisenhood

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