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Getting excited to watch live coverage from the WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships? We’ve got you covered with links to every available game. Most games will be available to watch on our Live page, where you can follow along with all of our reporting as well.

Well over 100 games will be available to watch live on various platforms, including Ultiworld, the Olympic Channel, WFDF’s social media channels, and We’ve simplified and centralized the game schedule below, which is searchable and sortable.

If you are looking to rewatch Ultiworld’s games after they have been shown live, you can get access with an Ultiworld Full or Plus subscription!

Saturday, July 14th

MatchupDivisionTime (EDT)Watch
Wild Card (USA) v. GRUT (NED)Mixed17:00Ultiworld

Sunday, July 15th

Match-upDivisionTime (EDT)Watch
Pie Wagon (AUS) vs UCT Flying Tigers (RSA)Mixed09:00Ultiworld
BOOM! (KOR) vs Kisumu Frisbee Club (KEN)Mixed09:00Ultiworld
Revolver (USA) vs Mooncatchers (BEL)Men’s09:00Fanseat
YAKA (FRA) vs Brilliance (RUS)Women’s11:00Ultiworld
OTSO (FIN) vs Relámpagos (DOM)Men’s11:00Ultiworld
UNO (JPN) vs Mainzelmädchen (GER)Women’s11:00Ultiworld
GRUT (NED) vs Reading Ultimate (GBR)Mixed11:00Fanseat
Chevron Action Flash (GBR) vs PELT Ultimate (IRL)Men’s13:00Ultiworld
Fusion (CAN) vs Bamboo (COL)Women’s13:00Ultiworld
Helsinki Ultimate (FIN) vs ZUF (SUI)Women’s13:00Fanseat
Colony (AUS) vs TCHAC (FRA)Men’s15:00Ultiworld
Ozone (USA) vs CUSB SHOUT (ITA)Women’s15:00Ultiworld
HUCK (JPN) vs Traffic (CAN)Women’s15:00Ultiworld
Clapham Ultimate (GBR) vs CUSB (ITA)Men’s15:00Fanseat
Euforia (COL) vs Fenix Ultimate (MEX)Men’s17:00Ultiworld
Freezzz Beezzz (BEL) vs Freespeed (SUI)Men’s17:00Ultiworld
Comunidad El Oso (COL) vs Sokol (RUS)Men’s17:00Ultiworld
Mantis (AUT) vs Rampage (SGP)Women’s17:00Fanseat

Monday, July 16th

Match-upRoundTime (EDT)Watch
Friskee (AUS) vs Hässliche Erdferkel (GER)Mixed09:00Ultiworld
Revolution (COL) vs MUD (JPN)Women’s09:00Ultiworld
Panthers Bern (SUI) vs Disctèrics (ESP)Mixed09:00Fanseat
Hong Kong NEON (HKG) vs Argentina Ultimate Club (ARG)Mixed11:00Ultiworld
Shinshu Loose (JPN) vs Mulatto Pilipinas (PHI)Mixed11:00Ultiworld
Anchor (CAN) vs Marvellous DC (NZL)Mixed11:00Ultiworld
TCHAC (FRA) vs thebigEZ (AUT)Men’s11:00Fanseat
Black Eagles (GBR) vs Stall7 (IND)Mixed13:00Ultiworld
Crash (CAN) vs Freakshow Singapore (SGP)Mixed13:00Ultiworld
Kisumu Frisbee Club (KEN) vs UCT Flying Tigers (RSA)Mixed13:00Ultiworld
Ring of Fire (USA) vs Family Ultimate (GER)Men’s13:00Fanseat
Atletico (FIN) vs MUD (JPN)Women’s15:00Ultiworld
CUSB (ITA) vs Comunidad El Oso (COL)Men’s15:00Ultiworld
Flying Angels Bern (SUI) vs Juggernaut (AUS)Men’s15:00Ultiworld
UNO (JPN) vs Troubles (POL)Women’s15:00Fanseat
Heat Haze (JPN) vs Warao Ultimate Club (VEN)Men’s17:00Ultiworld
Seagulls (Hamburg) (GER) vs Malafama (MEX)Women’s17:00Ultiworld
KFUM Örebro Frisbee W (SWE) vs ZUF (SUI)Women’s17:00Fanseat

Tuesday, July 17th

Match-upRoundTime (EDT)Watch
YAKA (FRA) v. Mainzelmadchen (GER)Women's9:00Ultiworld
FABulous (SUI) vs Seagulls (GER)Women’s9:00Fanseat
Brute Squad (USA) vs UNO (JPN)Women's11:00Ultiworld
6ixers (CAN) vs Brilliance (RUS)Women's11:00Ultiworld
Bad Skid (GER) vs Euforia (COL)Men's11:00Ultiworld
Atletico (FIN) vs Helsinki Ultimate (FIN)Women's11:00Fanseat
Ring of Fire (USA) vs Clapham (GBR)Men's13:00Ultiworld
Mubidisk (ESP) vs Black Sheep (NZL)Mixed13:00Ultiworld
Slow White (USA) vs SMOG (GBR)Mixed13:00Fanseat
4/5 Play-In (TBD)Mixed15:00Ultiworld
Fury (USA) vs Seattle Riot (USA)Women's15:00Ultiworld
Doublewide (USA) vs General Strike (CAN)Men's15:00Ultiworld
Revolver (USA) vs Bad Skid (GER)Men's15:00Fanseat
Molly Brown (USA) vs Revolution (COL)Women's17:00Ultiworld
Colony (AUS) vs Goat (CAN)Men's17:00Ultiworld
Ring of Fire (USA) vs CUSB (ITA)Men's17:00Fanseat

Wednesday, July 18th

Match-upRoundTime (EDT)Watch
Hot Chilly (AUS) vs Chevron Action Flash (GBR)Men’s Crossover09:00Fanseat
Iceni (GBR) vs Fusion (CAN)Women’s Crossover09:00Ultiworld
Comunidad El Oso (COL) vs Warao (VEN)Men’s Crossover11:00Ultiworld
TCHAC (FRA) vs FWD>> (AUT)Men’s Crossover11:00Fanseat
GRUT (NED) vs Mulatto Pilipinas (PHI)Mixed Crossover11:00Ultiworld
Hässliche Erdferkel (GER) vs Sugar Mix (GER)Mixed Round of 3213:00Fanseat
Atlanta Ozone (USA) vs Winner of UNO (JPN)/Swampybarg (JPN)Women’s Round of 3213:00Ultiworld
CUSB (ITA) vs Winner of Nomadic Tribe (JPN)/Relámpagos (DOM)Men’s Round of 3213:00Ultiworld
HUCK (JPN) vs Winner of Brilliance (RUS)/Fabulous (SUI)Women’s Round of 3213:00Ultiworld
Fury (USA) vs Winner of MUD (JPN)/Mantis (AUT)Women’s Round of 3215:00Ultiworld
Bad Skid (GER) vs Winner of Clapham Ultimate (GBR)/Ragnarok (DEN)Men’s Round of 3215:00Ultiworld
6ixers (CAN) vs Winner of CUSB SHOUT (ITA)/Atletico (FIN)Women’s Round of 3215:00Fanseat
Mixed Round of 16Mixed PreQuarter15:00Ultiworld
Mixed Round of 16Mixed PreQuarter17:00Ultiworld
Mixed Round of 16Mixed PreQuarter17:00Ultiworld
Mixed Round of 16Mixed PreQuarter17:00Fanseat

Thursday, July 19th

Match-upRoundTime (EDT)Watch
GOAT (CAN) vs Nomadic Tribe (JPN)Men’s Quarter09:00Ultiworld
Atlanta Ozone (USA) vs Molly Brown Ultimate (USA)Women’s Quarter09:00Ultiworld
Seattle Riot (USA) vs 6ixers (CAN)Women’s Quarter09:00Ultiworld
Wildcats (NZL) vs Freespeed (SUI)Men’s Consolation09:00Fanseat
Brute Squad (USA) vs Fury (USA)Women’s Quarter11:00Ultiworld
Ring of Fire (USA) vs Colony (AUS)Men’s Quarter11:00Ultiworld
GRUT (NED) vs Wild Card (USA)Mixed Quarter11:00Fanseat
Revolution Ultimate (COL) vs HUCK (JPN)Women’s Quarter11:00Ultiworld
Melbourne Juggernaut (AUS) vs Ranelagh (IRL)Men’s Consolation13:00Fanseat
AMP (USA) vs Hässliche Erdferkel (GER)Mixed Quarter13:00Ultiworld
BFG (USA) vs Crash (CAN)Mixed Quarter13:00Ultiworld
Shinshu Loose (JPN)/Mulatto Pilipinas (PHI) vs Banana Cutters (CAN)/SMOG (GBR)Mixed Consolation15:00Ultiworld
Mainzelmädchen (GER)/Bamboo (COL) vs Gentleladies (BEL)/Troubles (POL)Women’s Consolation15:00Fanseat
UNO (JPN)/Mantis (AUT) vs ZUF (SUI)/FABulous (SUI)Women’s Consolation17:00Fanseat

Currently, all livestreamed games after Thursday’s rounds are TBD. As matchups are selected and finalized, we will update this post with the planned streams and where to watch.

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