Better Box Score Metrics: EDGE Stats for AUDL Week 10

EDGE scores per 100 possessions.

Jakob Brissette. Photo: Montreal Royal — AUDL.

As we have seen often during the season, certain shootout games on a weekend can produce a large share of the top individual statistical performances, and in Week 10, the top eight EDGE scores came from just three games: Eric Sjostrom, Elijah Jaime, and Matt Smith from Tampa Bay’s win over Atlanta; Ryan Osgar and Jack Williams in New York’s 2OT win over Raleigh; and Jakob Brissette, Geoff Bevan, and Sacha Poitte-Sokolsky in Montreal’s win over Ottawa.

Jakob Brissette’s spot at the top of the board highlights how EDGE works differently from +/-. Elijah Jaime had a +/- of 10, the week’s highest. Brissette had the same number of scores as Jaime, but netted out at +8 because of two turnovers. In EDGE, the scores are a wash, so the difference comes down to total yardage and turnovers. Brissette had 189 more total yards than Jaime, for 1.24 additional EDGE-O (189*0.00654). The scoring efficiency of the MTL-OTT game was 0.45, which translates into a total turnover cost of 0.90 (2*0.45) for Brissette. Because Brissette’s additional yardage contributions were worth 0.34 goal equivalents more than the cost of the turnovers, he had the slightly better EDGE for the week.

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