Club Championships 2021: Fantasy Ultimate Winners & Results

Pick your favorite players and collect points.

Portland Schwa’s Eva Popp at the 2021 Club Championships. Photo: William ‘Brody’ Brotman —

The popularity of Fantasy sports seems to be on the rise every year, and many of us have taken part in the old tradition of making a one-player fantasy team in the sidelines of a big game. What we went for was hopefully blended together the fun of those two experiences.

Thanks to Akshat Rajan, for organizing and managing our first foray into Fantasy Ultimate! It was a fun venture that generated some really surprising results. Let’s dive in at each division to see who the top picks were, and who won each division.

See the full player scoreboard.


Top Scoring & Rostered Men’s Division Captains

Ryan OsgarRing of Fire44034.0%11110
Jimmy MicklePoNY402.520.4%3191
Thomas EdmondsTemper4001.3%18157
Raphael HayesRhino Slam!40024.3%1895
Solomon YanuckRing of Fire38014.5%4141
Chris KocherPoNY367.59.4%993
Benjamin JagtPoNY367.532.3%1551
Patrick EarlesTemper3603.4%10251
Anders JuengstRing of Fire3608.1%1530
Jack WilliamsRing of Fire34051.1%692
John StubbsChain Lightning32013.6%16151
John RandolphPoNY3153.8%891
Tyler MonroeTruck Stop2903.8%8201
Ben SadokSprout2803.8%10153
Owen MurphyRhino Slam!2750.0%5134
Sean KeeganPoNY262.50.0%762
Samuel LittlePoNY262.50.0%1050
Andrew RoneyChain Lightning2600.9%6191
Matthew RehderSockeye25037.4%8111
Travis DunnCondors2402.1%2220
Jonathan NethercuttRing of Fire24010.6%390
Elijah KernsRevolver2407.2%6180
Jonathan HeltonCondors2403.0%9141
Jay FroudeJohnny Bravo2403.4%10113
Daniel LeeRhino Slam!237.50.0%847
Joe WhiteMachine21060.0%8130
Pawel JanasMachine12041.3%2100
Mac HechtSockeye187.530.6%591
Simon MontagueSockeye87.530.6%151
Dylan FreechildSockeye187.560.0%870
Trent DillonSockeye12.527.2%001

As we will see, entrants quickly coalesced around the same idea: trying to pick the stars of title contenders. And that played out at the top of the scoreboard. Ring of Fire’s Ryan Osgar both topped the scoring table (440 pts as captain, 1st) and was the sixth most popular selection, while teammate Jack Williams (340 pts, 10th) was both popular and helpful. PoNY stars Jimmy Mickle (402.5, 2nd) and Ben Jagt (367.5, 7th) provided similar value and were only a break away from flipping those results.

Conversely, popular picks on the disappointing top two seeds turned out to be landmines. Machine’s Joe White and Sockeye’s Dylan Freechild tied for the most popular choices, with 60% of entrants rostering them. Freechild (187.5, 53rd) and White (210, 35th) both disappointed three out of five fantasy managers, and surely some folks had both. Machine’s Pawel Janas likewise fell short (120, 91st). A variety of Sockeye’s offensive personnel failed to deliver (Mac Hecht, Simon Montague, Trent Dillon) as they were hoisted in semifinals and some of those players played poorly or missed games.

Outside of those four heavily-targeted teams, Pittsburgh Temper and Portland Rhino Slam! were great places to gain an edge. Rhino reached the semifinals, and while Raphy Hayes (400, 3rd) was the lone popular pick from their roster, he was also their top scorer. Owen Murphy (275, 15th) and Daniel Lee (237.5, 25th) both put up strong numbers, but went completely unrostered. Temper’s Thomas Edmonds (400, 3rd) delivered a monster line of 18G/15A/7D for the three entrants that wrote him in as captain, while his teammate Pat Earles (360, 8th) had to make the eight folks that rostered him feel like winners.

The Winner

Sean K. (1854.5)

  • Captains: Chris Kocher, John Stubbs
  • Handlers: Jimmy Mickle, Charles Weinberg
  • Cutters: Raphael Hayes, Matt Rehder
  • Flex: Dylan Freechild, Jack Williams

This was smartly built fantasy team. Sean’s lineup includes the only really successful Sockeye pick, Matt Rehder (250, 19th), while Hayes, Mickle, Williams, and Stubbs were all both popular and high-scoring. Getting PoNY’s Chris Kocher (367.5, 6th) below 10% rostership as captain probably helped, Sub Zero’s Weinberg (200 pts as handler, 20th) was his least popular choice and put up an 18-assist line. Six of the eight players reached the semifinal round, with three advancing, and two winning a title.

For the record, Akshat’s official lineup actually outscored this one with 1872.5 while only sharing two players in common (Kocher as captain, Freechild as Flex), benefitting greatly from the play of Edmonds.


Top Scoring & Rostered Women’s Division Captains

Kami GroomBrute Squad437.559.3%1447
Anna ThompsonFury36043.6%3105
Carolyn FinneyFury34042.9%3113
Lisa PitcaithleyMolly Brown32530.7%11123
Manuela CardenasMolly Brown312.552.1%4156
Katelyn TravagliniTabby Rosa3100.7%12127
Jessica O'ConnorFury3000.7%3102
Eva PoppSchwa3004.3%2208
Laura Ospina GomezBrute Squad297.52.9%1241
Karen EhrhardtPhoenix287.52.9%11102
Kaela HeltonFury2802.1%626
Claire TropBrute Squad28032.1%646
Ella HansenNightlock2800.0%51310
Theresa ZettnerRival2700.0%1584
Lisa CouperFury2600.7%1111
Kennedy McCarthySiege2502.9%1564
Georgina TetlowSchwa2500.0%6127
Lien HoffmannBrute Squad24541.4%680
Shayla HarrisFury2400.7%534
Jennifer CorcoranNemesis2402.1%4146
Anna NazarovFury2406.4%264
Sonya (Sunny) HarrisTabby Rosa2400.0%0231
Dawn CultonPhoenix237.50.0%946
Lindsay SooPhoenix237.516.4%865
Dena ElimelechFury14031.4%412
Angela ZhuBrute Squad22750.0%373

The women’s division was by far the chalkiest of the tournament, and the fantasy game was much of the same, but a few wrinkles kept things interesting. While the top three captain scorers were all in the final — not notably different from the other divisions — nine of the top 25 were from teams eliminated before the semifinal. And half of the top ten came in with low roster percentages, which lines up well with the men’s division standings, too. However, the top five scorers were all quite popular. Of the very popular selections, only Fury’s Dena Elimelech (140, 99th) really left folks out to dry.

One thing stands out: Brute Squad’s Kami Groom (437.5, 1st) had a heck of a statistical performance, lapping the field with 77.5 more points than anyone else. If you played Groom in any non-handler position, she was the highest scorer by a sizable margin.

Meanwhile, the value was with some less popular teammates of the finalists, as well as Tabby Rosa’s Kate Travaglini (310, 6th), who just a single person had the good sense to select and put up a 12G/12A/7D line. Meanwhile, Fury’s Jessie O’Connor (300, 7th), Kaela Helton (280, 11th), and Lisa Couper (260, 16th) all appeared in a combined handful of lineups. Brute Squad’s Laura Ospina (297.5, 9) was also a good choice, especially for the Cutter position, with her speed and goal-scoring prowess. Schwa’s Eva Popp (300, 7th) and Georgina Tetlow (250, 17th), Nightlock’s Ella Hansen (280, 13th), Rival’s Theresa Zettner (270, 14th), and Siege’s Kennedy McCarthy (250, 17th) were other strong scorers that did not draw much interest.

The Winner

Declan M. (1406)

  • Captains: Catherine Menzies, Kami Groom
  • Handlers: Claire Chastain, Jennifer Corcoran
  • Cutters: Lindsay Soo, Kennedy McCarthy
  • Flex: Manuela Cardenas, Carolyn Finney

Despite picking just one finalist and one winner, Declan’s lineup featured eight of the top 25 scorers, including the differentiating selections of McCarthy and Corcoran. It also landed four of the top five, although they were also four of the five most popular picks. So in the end, it was a good division to pick chalk in, provided you knew the right spots to get different and who could put up numbers.


Top Scoring & Rostered Mixed Division Captains

Connor LukasHybrid5251.4%5196
Justin PerticoneHybrid402.50.7%12101
Tommy LiBFG40013.0%695
Jeff PapeBFG3601.4%4113
Tannor JohnsonSprocket32031.5%10193
Nathan ChampouxHybrid3150.0%666
Kristen ReedLove Tractor3100.0%2524
Conor BelfieldBFG3000.7%528
Seam HamLawless3005.5%2442
Dan DonovanHybrid297.50.0%1241
Mario O'BrienBFG28011.0%2102
Henry KonkerLove Tractor2800.0%4213
Clea PoklembaNOISE2750.0%4117
Peter PrialSlow2704.1%11151
Caleb DenecourDrag'n Thrust27026.7%1188
Jesse Shofner'Shine27013.0%6174
Jack McShaneLove Tractor2700.0%3195
Madalyn SimkoHybrid262.50.0%672
Robyn FennigNOISE262.511.6%7140
James DahlLochsa2600.7%6173
Joshua KohlLawless2600.0%3230
Manuel EckertSeattle Mixtape25024.7%8102
Jacob MillerLochsa2500.0%1681
Nicky SpivaAMP25024.7%4174
Jamie ErikssonLawless24010.3%9105
Khalif El-SalaamSeattle Mixtape20045.2%394
Sarah MeckstrothDrag'n Thrust17043.2%854
Jenny FeySpace Heater16036.3%3121
Nick Lanceshame.12035.6%192
Aubree Dietrichshame.17029.5%953
Linda MorseAMP19021.9%766

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the mixed division had some real surprises, and the fantasy scoreboard matches that. Only two of the top 10 scorers exceeded 10% rostership! The concentrated scoring of champion BFG and runner-up Hybrid gave plenty of opportunity to rack up points, but few entrants recognized it.

Kami Groom’s scoring lead over the women’s division was outdone by Hybrid’s Connor Lukas (525, 1st), the highest scoring player in any division, with well over 100 points over his own teammate, Justin Perticone (402.5, 2nd). They were rostered a combined three times. Nathan Champoux (315, 6th) was not rostered by anyone; neither were teammates Dan Donovan (297.5, 10th) or Maddy Simko (262.5 18th).

The reverse of Hybrid and BFG’s successes were Space Heater, Shame, and AMP’s relative disappointments. Despite Space Heater’s Jenny Fey (160, 65th), Shame’s Nick Lance (120, 106th), and Aubree Dietrich (170, 53rd) each receiving over 25% roster rates, they did not deliver top 50 performances. Mixtape’s Khalif El-Salaam (200, 32nd), Drag’N Thrust’s Sarah Meckstroth (170, 53rd), and AMP’s Linda Morse (190, 40th) were all on D-line, probably depressing their numbers as they didn’t put up impressive counting stats.

The Winner

Jacob S. (1585.5)

  • Captains: Caleb Denecour, Jenny Fey
  • Handlers: Connor Lukas, Robyn Fennig
  • Cutters: Tannor Johnson, Liz Hart
  • Flex: Nick Lance, Jamie Eriksson

Lukas’ brilliance carried Jacob despite picking two of the biggest duds! Everyone was taking the bad chalk with Fey and Lance. Because of how may lineups were hurt by picking players on top seeds that didn’t go deep, having popular picks like Sprocket’s Tannor Johnson (320, 5th) and Drag’N Thrust’s Caleb Denecour (270, 14th) worked for Jacob, thanks to the brilliance of Lukas, helped by NOISE’s Robyn Fennig (262.5, 18th).


We love feedback, especially on new games like this one! Did you like the bonus point system? The four positions? Picking eight players? Not having turnovers (the least accurately kept stat at these events, generally) count against you?

One of the things players probably want the most: more live updates. This is trickier than it seems, as we have to wait on stats to get input. Additionally, the bonus system we used needed to be applied at the end, so early scores probably were not very representative of your chances of winning. All that said, we will work to do more updates should we try again!

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