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Ravi Vasudevan is Ultiworld’s European editor and a host of the podcast EuroZone. Emails about EuroZone should go to Ravi played for WPI in the US until 2008. He has been living and playing in Europe since 2009 and has competed at WUGC 2012, WUCC 2014 and WUCC 2018.

  1. EuroZone: Tom’s Tourney 2020

    Look back on the history of a great European tournament!

  2. Sideline Talk: Justin Foord [Ep. 29]

    A legend of European ultimate.

  3. EUF Cancelling EUCRs, May Hold Larger xEUCF in October

    No nationals, no regionals - clubs go straight to Euros!

  4. EuroZone: Nathan Kolakovic, World Games Postponed

    Nathan Kolakovic chats with Liam over some Guinness!

  5. EuroZone: WUGC Cancelled

    We won't see Worlds or Windmill this summer.

  6. EuroZone: Coronavirus

    What to do under quarantine!

  7. USA Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    Team USA Mixed!

  8. USA Women’s WUGC 2020 Roster

    Team USA Women's!

  9. USA Open WUGC 2020 Roster

    Team USA Open!

  10. Bologna Invite Cancelled due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Another major European tournament cancelled.

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