Belgium Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

Belgium mixed getting ready for worlds!

Belgium Mixed at EUC 2019. Photo by John Kofi

Belgium has released their extended mixed roster for WUGC 2020. Final cuts will be made in the spring and this page will be updated then.

We are compiling all of the WUGC 2020 rosters here.

WUGC 2016 Placement: 17th (tied)

EUC 2019 Placement: 11th

Adrien Andre*Ouftimate
Amélie WerckxDiabolic Heaven
Aurore DelisseOuftimate
Bobby ClementsFreespect
Chloé Vallet*HE Vinci
Dante Simoens*Gentle
David Gutierrez*Flying Rabbits
Ernest van Mullem*Freezzz Beezzz
Faber MahieuGentle
Florine Croquet*Flying Penguins
Jolien Celie*Gentle
Jon van den AbeeleGentle
Katrien Schreurs*Helgtre
Koen VerpoortenJet Set
Lize LanssensDiabolic Heaven
Maria Belpaire*Mooncatchers
Marijke Jordens*Vos Reinaert
Mathias DeslypereJet Set
Maxime Werckx*Diabolic Heaven
Michelle WautersGentle Ladies
Nadege Hombergen*White Foxes
Nele KelchtermansHelgtere
Nicolas HoquezMooncatchers
Noémie Dembourg*White Foxes
Pierre-Alain de LaminneMooncatchers
Quentin Walsh*Mooncatchers
Sara Rahali*Skywalkers
Sebastiaan Moons*Gentle
Thijs Kestens*Gentle
Thomas Gregoire*Flying Penguins
Tijs Coppens*Freezzz Beezzz
Wouter CaronJet Set

*New compared to EUC Roster

Coaches: Pierre Bihin, Brice Vanhee

Team Manager: Pierre-Alain de Laminne

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