Italy Open WUGC 2020 Tryout Squad

Italy men bring their top U24 and senior players together for worlds!

Italy Men at the EUC 2019. Photo by John Kofi

Italy has released their open tryout squad for WUGC 2020. Final cuts will be made in the spring. This page will be updated when the final roster is selected.

We are compiling all of the WUGC 2020 rosters here.

WUGC 2016 Placement: 9th (tied)

EUC 2019 Placement: 5th

WU24 2019 Placement:1 3rd

Alberto GirottoBarbastreji
Alberto PompiziiCotarica Grandes
Alessandro De LuccaCUSB Red Bulls
Alessandro FiorentinoCUSB La Fotta
Alessandro FrancheschiCUSB La Fotta
Alberto TonelliCUSB La Fotta
Andrea MastroianniCUSB La Fotta
Arturo LaffiCUSB La Fotta
Bruno MineCUSB La Fotta
Davide LegacciHeidees
Davide MorriCUSB La Fotta
Edoardo TrombettiCUSB La Fotta
Fabio CoppiCUSB La Fotta
Filippo SimonazziCUSB La Fotta
Gabriele SpissoCUSB La Fotta
Gabriele CalarotaCUSB La Fotta
Giovanni SantucciCUSB La Fotta
Ivan CantùDonkey Divers
Lorenzo PavanBarbastreji
Luca TognettiCUSB La Fotta
Luca ValentiniCroccali
Massimo VaglivielloCUSB La Fotta
Michele AngellaCUSB La Fotta
Nicolò BrunelliCUSB Red Bulls
Paolo PrandiDonkey Divers
Guglielmo ChiniCUSB La Fotta
Raffaello ParodiCUSB Red Bulls
Riccardo VenturoliCUSB La Fotta
Ricardo ZanniCUSB La Fotta
Sebastiano ChiniCUSB Red Bulls
Simone GasperiniCUSB La Fotta
Simone MassoliCUS Brescia
Stefano SgubbiCUSB La Fotta
Tobias MineCUSB La Fotta
Tommaso FranciniCotarica Grandes
Tommaso Semprini CesariCotarica Grandes

  1. Many of Italy’s top open players opted to focus on U24s and not the EUC. The Italy WUGC 2020 squad will have the best of the senior and U24 squads from 2019 

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