Italy Mixed WUGC 2020 Tryout Squad

Italy brings their first mixed team to the WUGC since 2008!

Italy Mixed at EUC 2019. Photo by John Kofi

Italy has released their mixed tryout squad for WUGC 2020. Final cuts will be made in the spring. This page will be updated when the final roster is selected.

We are compiling all of the WUGC 2020 rosters here.

WUGC 2016 Placement: Did not attend

EUC 2019 Placement: 10th

Alessandro GalliCroccali
Aline BernierDiscover Verona
Andrea BeghelliCUSB Red Bulls
Andrea BraghinDonkey Divers
Andrea MerlinoCani e Porci
Andrea PaganoLe Mucche
Annalisa SartoriDiscover Verona
Carlotta MelottiFireflies
Chiara CalzàUfo Trento
Chiara CappucciCUSB BBC
Claudia FacchiniFrasba da Lac
Davide LegacciHeidees
Enea De CristofaroLe Mucche
Federica CiprianiCUSB Shout
Federico CaraceniCUSB Red Bulls
Francesca ArnelliLe Mucche
Francesco MartiniBarbrastreji
Gaia SdrusciaCUSB Shout
Giovanni FumagalliBarbrastreji
Giovanni RossiniDonkey Divers
Giulia GiannettaLe Mucche
Giulia NonesCUSB Shout
Jacopo BorgogelliCroccali
Laura FantinatoFrasba da Lac
Leandro CalabreseDonkey Divers
Letizia GattiFrasba da Lac
Linda RuffilliTequila Boom Boom
Lisa RigoniDonkey Divers
Lorena ColombiLe Mucche
Luca ContiniCotarica Grandes
Luca CoppiCUSB Red Bulls
Manny OlyanjuVoladora
Marco DellavedovaCUSB Red Bulls
Marco SchiavonBarbrastreji
Maria BattistiniTequila Boom Boom
Martino TonelliFrasba da Lac
Massimo CalzàUfo Trento
Michele FarinaCUSB Red Bulls
Nicolò FeliciCUSB Red Bulls
Noemi NicettoCUSB Shout
Pietro VannucciCotarica Grandes
Ravanini MonicaTane Malefiche
Riccardo MontiCUSB Red Bulls
Sara BonousFrasba da Lac
Sara CasaliKiss My Disc
Simone MussioCUS Brescia
Susanna FuentesLe Mucche
Veronica BonazziLe Mucche
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