San Francisco Revolver 2024 Roster

San Francisco Revolver’s Kyle Lew makes a nice catch at Pro Champs 2023. Photo: David Moore

Some experienced new transfers add excitement for a Revolver that has been building internally and has remained a tough out at Nationals.

Here’s their 2024 roster.

Captains in bold.

Adam Rees
Anton Orme
Byron Liu
Colby Chuck
Daniel Ritthaler
Dexter Clyburn
Dillon Whited
Jacob Smith
Jason Vallee
Justin Lim
Kevin Tien
Kyle Lew
Leo Tamogawa Gordon
Mac Hecht
Marcel Osborne
Michael Ing
Nathan Kwon
Nathan Prior
Nick Tolfa
Robin Vickers Batzdorf
Sawyer Thompson
Sean Liston
Simon Higgins
Toby Warren
Walker Frankenberg


Molica Anderson
Adrian King

Practice Players

Dodger Middlebrook
Elijah Kerns
James Whealan
Mario Ambrose
Raekwon Adkins


Daniel Ritthaler
Dexter Clyburn
Jason Vallee
Leo Tamogawa Gordon
Mac Hecht
Marcel Osborne
Nathan Kwon
Robin Vickers Batzdorf
Sean Liston (from Practice Player)
Toby Warren (from Practice Player)
Walker Frankenberg (from Practice Player)


Andrew Moore
Calvin Brown
Elijah Kerns (to Practice Player)
James Whealan
Jordan Marcy
Marcelo Sanchez
Matt Barcellos
Michael Spear
Nick Murphy
Raymond Mendoza
Riley Kirkman-Davis
Tom Doi

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