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Past Articles in Roster

  1. Vancouver Traffic 2019 Roster

    The first of this year’s club rosters has landed already, with Vancouver Traffic announcing their 2019 roster today on their Facebook page.

  2. Atlanta Chain Lightning 2018 Roster

    The Southeast challengers keep getting younger.

  3. Columbus Rival 2018 Roster

    Some experienced additions for Columbus.

  4. Austin Showdown 2018 Roster

    Is there another South Central championship in the cards for Showdown?

  5. Vancouver Furious George 2018 Roster

    Can they live up to the program's impressive history?

  6. Oakland Guerrilla 2018 Roster

    Could this team get to and through the Southwest game to go?

  7. Minneapolis Pop 2018 Roster

    A few changes for Pop, who will be a threat to get to Nationals again in 2018.

  8. Atlanta Bucket 2018 Roster

    One of the Southeast's top teams has work to do to get back to Nationals.

  9. Los Angeles 7 Figures 2018 Roster

    A huge incoming group of recruits for 7 Figures.

  10. Madison Heist 2018 Roster

    Big names are on the move in Madison.

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