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  1. Dallas Public Enemy 2019 Roster

    Public Enemy failed to escape a one-bid South Central region in 2018, but they bring in an exciting set of rookies to try to get…

  2. Texas Showdown 2019 Roster

    With only one bid for the South Central last year, Showdown fell short against Molly Brown and snapped a ten-year Nationals qualification streak.

  3. Austin Doublewide 2019 Roster

    The return of H.I.P. splinters off some talent from Austin, but Doublewide still have a deep, athletic crew. Here is their 2019 roster.

  4. Pittsburgh Temper 2019 Roster

    Temper returned to Nationals last year for the first time since 2014. Can they make it back-to-back appearances this year? Here is their 2019 roster.

  5. Boise Lochsa 2019 Roster

    Boise Lochsa set a high-water mark in their first season as a program in 2018, finishing as the Top Select team in the competitive Northwest.

  6. Chicago Machine 2019 Roster

    Despite losing some key long-time pieces, Chicago Machine has profited from the downfall of High Five and Mad Club to revamp their roster.

  7. Denver Love Tractor 2019 Roster

    Denver Love Tractor’s roster announcement may be pretty cryptic, but this is a talented squad.

  8. San Francisco Polar Bears 2019 Roster

    It’s the end of an era for Polar Bears as some original members leave the team, along with some serious young talent.

  9. Minneapolis Pop 2019 Roster

    Pop sees a number of last year’s top contributors move on, including Courtney Kiesow, who moves into a coaching role.

  10. Seattle Sockeye 2019 Roster

    Seattle Sockeye were one point away from the national final last year and will come back hungry to get back to their first title game…

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