Team Canada 2016 WJUC Rosters Announced

Team Canada 2016Check out the Team Canada rosters for the 2016 World Juniors and Ultimate Championships!

Boys’ Division

Aidan Wiebe (Vancouver, BC)
Bretton Tan (Toronto, ON)
Cédric Lavoie (Québec, QC)
Connor Armstrong (Barrie, ON)
Ethan Duncan (Winnipeg, MB)
Jared Lynd (Vancouver, BC)
Jason Huynh (Toronto, ON)
Jean Guillemette (Trois-Rivières, QC)
Jeff Ciachurski (Vancouver, BC)
Jordan Dhillon (Surrey, BC)
Joshua Lam (Vancouver, BC)
Keith Chow (Vancouver, BC)
Kinley Gee (Ottawa, ON)
Kyle Chan (Richmond, BC)
Michael Mackenzie (Peterborough, ON)
Nicholas Okuma (Vancouver, BC)
Owen Pitblado (Vancouver, BC)
Quinn Snider (Winnipeg, MB)
Rian McGrouther (Barrie, ON)
Stephen Snow (St. John’s, NL)
Ty Barbieri (North Vancouver, BC)
Tyler Sadler (Barrie, ON)


Jake Bolin Moss (Georgina, ON)
Michael Raaflaub (Winnipeg, MB)
Rhys Toogood (Newmarket, ON)

Girls’ Division

Anne-Sophie De Baets (Sherbrooke, QC)
Anouchka Beaudry (Sainte-Julie, QC)
Carla Rawson (Markham, ON)
Collefas Mot (Surrey, BC)
Emily Chong (Vancouver, BC)
Ingrid Yuen (Markham, ON)
Joely Valencerina (Winnipeg, MB)
Joy Lin (Vancouver, BC)
Julia Zhang (Vancouver, BC)
Julia Zhou (Vancouver, BC)
Katherine Ortega (Vancouver, BC)
Katie Wong (North Vancouver, BC)
Kiera Lee-Pii (Vancouver, BC)
Laura Kinoshita (Toronto, ON)
Lucy Chow (Toronto, ON)
Nyna Prevost (Montréal, QC)
Sara Mar (Toronto, ON)
Sophia Chan (Richmond, BC)
Wynne Gee (Ottawa, ON)
Zellema Mot (Surrey, BC)


Kaycee Hunt (Winnipeg, MB)
Lana Ramic (Toronto, ON)
Samantha Mew (Vancouver, BC)
Sarah Jacobsohn (Winnipeg, MB)
Zoe Todd (Vancouver, BC)

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