Past Articles in Club Nationals

  1. Opening Pull: Nationals and WFDF 4’s

    The finale of the US Club season.

  2. Sin The Fields: Nationals Special

    A pre-Nationals surprise episode!

  3. A Dozen Pieces of Advice For Nationals

    A dozen tips for success for nationals-bound club teams -- and anyone else who has a big tournament coming up.

  4. Club National Championships 2021 Qualifying Thread

    Here is the list of teams that have qualified for the 2021 USA Ultimate National Championships in San Diego, CA.

  5. Deep Look: Club Season Outlook, PUL’s Janel Venzant, Small Ball

    What exactly is this summer going to look like?

  6. Mailbag: Next Elite Ultimate City, Struggling Without Ultimate

    Plus some new data to inform my Return to Play projections.

  7. Mailbag: YCCs, College Teams at Club Nationals

    Which college teams could win games at Club Nationals?

  8. Mailbag: 24 Team Club Nationals, College Rivalry Series, Return-to-Play Predictions

    The Mailbag is now for subscribers only. That’s going to do a few things: it will keep me committed to writing it every week.

  9. Club Throwback: National Championships

    October usually marks the end of the club season with one of the most anticipated events every year: USAU Club National Championships.

  10. Sin The Fields: The STF Skill Challenge, Old School Nationals

    Pat and Tad put their own spin on a skills contest.

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