Past Articles in Coaching

  1. Changing Team Narratives [Pt. 3]: Perfection & Outcomes

    Teams overfocus on the relationship between the perfect situation and the ideal outcome.

  2. Changing Team Narratives [Pt. 2]: How to Recognize and Reframe the Stories that Damage Your Team

    Expectations about the way things should go can keep your ceiling out of reach.

  3. Changing Team Narratives: How to Recognize and Reframe the Stories that Damage Your Team

    Part I of a series about team narratives explores how teams focused on fun might be hurting themselves.

  4. Witmer’s Wisdom: Unconventional Big Stupid Goals

    This year I’ve played and coached ultimate in eight different countries in Latin America.

  5. Mailbag: Defense Undervalued?, Best Young Europeans, Growing Youth Ultimate, Nasser M’Bae Vogel

    Which young European player had the best 2023 season?

  6. Witmer’s Wisdom: Precision Coaching

    Finding the root cause of your errors and fixing them for good.

  7. Witmer’s Wisdom: Empower Athletes with Consent-Based Coaching

    With consent-based coaching, you can empower athletes, teammates, and yourself.

  8. On the Road to College Nationals

    Your team has qualified for Nationals. What should you focus on during and leading up to the big dance?

  9. Taking the Off-Ramp Before College Nationals

    Feeling the post-Regionals blues? Help give yourself and your team a clean exit.

  10. 7 Ways to Prepare for Success in the College Series

    The postseason presents a unique environment at tournaments and practices. How should your team prepare?

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