1. Hamilton College’s Zander Harpel for Donovan 2023

    Zander Harpel only started playing ultimate his sophomore year of college, but his strong leadership and spirited play quickly vaulted him into a captain role,…

  2. Hamilton College’s Lara Speer for Donovan 2023

    Lara joined the Hot Saucers her freshman year and became a starting handler immediately.

  3. Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s Lindsey Hua for Donovan 2023

    A member of China’s World Junior Ultimate Championship team in 2018, Lindsey has captained the Sneetches since her sophomore year and is an integral part…

  4. Oklahoma Christian’s Manny Bilolo for Donovan 2023

    Emmanuel “Manny” Bilolo was voted 2022 AUDL Players Choice Human Highlight Reel Second Runner-Up in the South Division, and from the plays in his Donovan…

  5. Ithaca’s Emily Mildner for Donovan 2023

    Emily Mildner started playing as a sophomore and grew into a formidable force for Ithaca Kweezy, scoring a third of their goals this spring. Watch.

  6. Seattle University’s Jamie Kauffman for Donovan 2023

    A three-year captain, Kauffman has brought so much to helping build the Seattle U program. Watch.

  7. Grinnell’s Jacob Cowan for Donovan 2023

    A decorated D-III competitor selected for the U24 US National Team, Cowan has helped grow the Grinnell program with his attitude and recruiting. Watch.

  8. Wheaton’s Carlson Chiles for Donovan 2023

    I’m not sure what to say, so I’ll let them say it.

  9. Brandeis’ Matt “Nova” Sehgal for Donovan 2023

    Matt “Nova” Sehgal has been a model of dedication for Brandeis. Watch.

  10. Lewis & Clark’s Owen Heh for Donovan 2023

    An on-field leader of the D-Line, Owen Heh has brought their influential leadership and character to Bacchus for five years. Watch.

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